Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Winnie's Pizzaria Party

 I've been typing my fingers to the bone to try and get my blog caught up to present time.  Guess what?  It is now April, and I'm posting about our big event in September!  Oh well.  My special little second-born turned 9 just after school started in September!  Looks like only a couple more years before she outgrows her mama!

 Ever have one of those class-party cupcake ideas you think will be super simple?  So simple that you wait until the morning of to even shop for ingredients?  Yeah, these minions turned into the cupcake project from hell!  You know it's bad when you've got 30 minutes to get them to the classroom and you are ripping them apart because they look like giant, yellow wieners!  It's a complete miracle that the finished project turned out mostly cute and unoffensive.
 She may be 9, but she hasn't outgrown her love of dolls yet.  Pfewf!  She finally got her heart's desire - an American Girl doll that looks just like her!  She named her Minnie.

 Her obsession with high heel shoes continues - even if they are too tiny to wear!

 Remember those hellacious cupcakes?  Well look what I just threw together with the leftover cake batter, frosting and fondant?  It literally took 15 minutes.  He's so fluffy, Winn's gonna die! 

 Now, on to the party!  Winn invited her best pals from school and church to dine at her very own pizzaria!

 You know me, I love party stations!

 There was a pizza-making station, a cookie pizza decoration station . . . 

 and who could resist an Italian soda station!

 The chef hats, aprons and mustaches made it totally authentic, right?

 Everyone rolled, tossed and topped their dough.

 These mini-chefs look like they know what they are doing!

 After a few minutes of lovin' from the oven, they were ready to dine!

 Things got a little hot in the kitchen, so we had a pretend pizzaria set up in the back yard.  The girls got to take orders . . . 

 put a few pies together, and play waitress to their hungry customers!

 Present and cake (or pizza cookie) time!

 Although I'm sure the amount of sugar we supplied only contributed to the chaos, this was the wildest, loudest, craziest bunch of girls we have ever seen - and I've thrown a lot of parties!

 My ears are still ringing from the high-decibel, girly screams!

 Happy birthday, Winnie!