Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mom School

Traditional preschool might be the way to go for some, but for us, we choose Mom School!  We've been hittin' the books pretty hard this year and it's paying off!  Klive and I have turned every letter into a craft project, which really adds to our kitchen decor!  Art is cool, but he makes me close the blinds when we sing and dance to our alphabet songs.  Guess it's not cool to break it down ABC-style in the living room with your mom once you are the big five years old.  It's been bittersweet watching my LAST baby learn his letters and sounds and discover that if you put them together, they make words!  That's right, Klive is READING!

 We've also been working on colors, shapes and numbers.  All learning is more fun with a drill, right?  He loves to quiz me on letters and numbers with play-dough and cookie cutters, and he tolerates ABC memory.

 We've even explored future careers options.  Maybe he will be a doctor like his dad, or a chef like, well, not his mom . . .

 Or maybe he will be Batman.  Everyone knows, you should always be yourself, unless you can be Batman.

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