Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Halloween! You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

 Halloween always feels like my favorite holiday, until I am neck deep in fabric, glitter glue, and spray paint an hour before trick-or-treat time.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Winn's annual Halloween piano recital was exceptional!  We usually just rummage through the dress-up box for this bad boy since I leave costume-making to the last minute - ninjas and Queen Elizabeth.  Rylee and Andrew came too, and were good sports.  I think they went with Ariel and Joe Dirt costumes.

 We carved our Grandpa Kyle pumpkins.

 Home grown pumpkins are always full of guts!  We chose a Star Wars theme in honor of the upcoming movie.

 In case you couldn't tell, its Jabba, Chewy . . .

 Darth, and Yoda!

 Finally, the big night arrived!  I glued the last silver tassel and stitched the last button on a bunny slipper just in the nick of time!  That's right folks, Christmas in October!  Klive was Cowboy Ralphy, June was bunny pajama Ralphy, Winnie was snow suit Randy, I was the leg lamp, and Papa Lee filled in for Kolby (who had to work) as the "fragile" box.

 It was a chilly night for trick-or-treating, so I am pretty sure Winn stayed nice and toasty - even if she couldn't put her arms down! 

 June wore her "pink nightmare" with pride.  For days.  And days.

 She just couldn't get enough of those blue button eyes staring sappily up at her :)

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