Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bits and Pieces

 School is back in full swing, but that doesn't mean we have to shirk our yard duties.  Kolby's lucky to have such a good little helper who dreams about driving the lawn mower for his profession.  Dream big, little guy!

 The last warm days of fall are always full of soccer games.  We love watching Winnie's growth as a soccer player.  She's come a long way from the days of her emotional break-downs on the field.

 We love our coach, and we love our team!  These girls have a great time together!

 I have no words for these ones.  Just enjoy.

 They all keep growing up without my permission.  Klive finally made the jump from a car seat to a big boy booster.  He's pretty stoked about the new-found stretching freedom, the lack of a crotch buckle (he informed me it was crushing his nuts) and his sweet new cup holder, perfect for a water bottle or treats on the go!

 Fall is always sprinkled with quick trips to visit family in Utah.  This may be my favorite picture of the entire year!  That is not staged - it is 100% pure joy on every face!

 We even managed a girls day at Lava Hot Springs and pedicures.  Winnie had soccer.  She was pretty bummed.

 We went all out for spirit week!  Rather than steal an overdone crazy hair idea from Pinterest, Winn and I got creative and turned her into a zebra!

 June knocked our socks off at her first Orchestra performance this school year!  She's one of the only sixth graders in the advanced chamber orchestra and I beam with pride every time I watch her play!

 I am soaking in every minute I get with this guy at home every day.  Before I know it, he will be starting kindergarten and I will be crying on the garage floor.  Help me, Tom Cruise!

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