Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Digger Party - Klive Turns 5!

 Klive hit a whole handful of fingers in August!  We kicked off his birthday with our traditional 6 a.m. donut and strawberry milk run.  Then we celebrated with a party fit for a construction junkie!
We give you "THE DIGGER PARTY!"
 June threw together some digger cupcakes with edible rocks.

 And here's the digger cake - because Klive "Digs" being 5 years old!

 I've had my eye on this DIY PVC pipe carnival booth on pinterest for a few months.  After swearing up and down to Kolby that I would use them for EVERY future party, he agreed to let me build them.  I made up my own pattern, so I was super proud of myself for figuring out the right amount of pipe to buy, cutting the pipes to the right lengths, and finding the right elbow fittings! That's pretty major - I am no math wiz!  Here they are all set up for construction central!

 Station 1:  Build a foam project

 Station 2:  Safety cone toss

 Station 3:  Hammering

 Station 4:  Wrecking ball zone

 Station 5:  Digger driving in the sandbox

 Here's the special spot to dump all the gifts!

 All the workers kicked thing off with a lunch break in the shade!

 It was definitely a hot day - We were lucky that the wages didn't melt!

 Watch out for the dip!

 There were plenty of snacks in the work zone!

 General Contractor Klive was pleased with how it all turned out!

 He may be a tough guy, but he still has time to hug his Momma.

 After everyone enjoyed their lunch break . . .

 they all got to work!

 Screwing screws, sawing wood, tightening bolts . . .

 . . . driving nails, setting up cones, and wrecking brick walls!

 We held our own wheelbarrow relay races.  One brick at a time - safety first!

 Then we played "Bumper Red Light, Green Light" inside our jumbo tires.

 We had a bit of a pileup.  Guess we're back to 0 days without a work-related injury!

 We made the big kids race after the little guys to keep it fair.

 We blew out candles, opened presents . . . 

. . . and what digger party would be complete without busting up a digger pinata?

 All Klive's wildest digger dreams came true!

I'm pretty sure his buddies had a great time, too!

 As much as it kills me to let my special baby boy grow up, I love celebrating this awesome kid.  Klive's my lovin' boy!  He and I spend nearly every day together. Our days are filled with hugs, snuggles, jokes, games, nerf battles, legos, stuffed animal play dates, fort building and story time.  He's my best helper at the store, he loves to clean the toilet and he still tells me he loves "Mom School" and promises to never, ever leave me!  Now that Kolby's got every other week off, Klive has become his project partner.  They beautify the yard together, make weekly trips to the hardware store and find anything and everything to fix around the house.  He's just the best kid!
 Happy birthday, Evil-K !  You are our true love baby boy!

Some More Summer Stuff

 Dad got a new toy this summer!  It's quite the upgrade from the ol' push mower I've been using since we lived in Oklahoma.  I did most of the mowing in Okie and Chubbuck, but now that Kolby's done with school and doing a bit more yard work, he decided a push mower wouldn't "cut" it anymore! (See what I did there?)

 We sure do enjoy our lovely, freshly-mowed backyard!  Who's got the best hoopin' hips?  Klive gave it a whirl!

 June's got a little swing in her hips . . .

 Winnie's got some swivel, but I doubt they can outdo their momma!

 Driveway basketball can be a dangerous game!  Always protect your head!

We finally took Nana and Papa to Downata.  They are hooked!  And June also got her horse fix in Malad!

Is it already time for back-to-school shopping?  Thanks U.B. and Aunt Karen for spending an afternoon with us in Park City!
These two spent some time running wild and catching up while the ladies did all the shopping!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Oklahoma (part 2)

 What else can you cram into your last week with cousins?  Plenty!!!

 We celebrated this little chickie's birthday!  Hazel is such a hoot!  She's full of feisty one-liners.  Uncle Curt's going to be in trouble with this sassy chick!

 We spent loads of time just watching the kids play, as long as they kept their feet, clothing and toys off the ground.  Dodger dog is quite the sneak-attack chewer!

 We made a little trip out to the Oklahoma City temple after church on Sunday.  And then we broke the law (unintentionally) trying to make our way back through the toll roads.

  We spent several afternoons swimming at the neighborhood pool, and Jenny's!

  We did some tricks and had some intense dodge ball fights at the trampoline gym.

 We had a few craft sessions!

 We even enjoyed a double golf date.  Never mind the fact that it was about 115 degrees with a million percent humidity at three in the afternoon.  And never mind the fact that the kids "accidentally" flooded the playroom while we were gone.  It was worth it just to watch Curt try to murder the golf ball with his beautiful back swing! 

 On our last night, we had to make the traditional stop at Pop's Gas Station on Route 66.

 Best pop around!!!

 It was definitely a tear-filled morning when we had to say goodbye to these little faces.  I'm pretty sure I cried clear to Kansas.  It's been months since the big visit and my kids still can't stop talking about how much fun they had with their cousins, how much they miss them and how it would totally work if they moved into our basement. 

 It was a great vacation.  Now if only our butts could get some feeling back in them!  Recovering from 50+ hours in the car can be excruciating.  Just look it what it did to Klive, who aired his tired, sweaty car butt out at the Outback!