Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love Day!

 In February, Misty and the boys were looking forward to quick Idaho getaway to escape from the stresses of work.  We invited them up for a mixed-up menu Valentine's dinner.  Unfortunately, this little dude got all worked up about not getting an invitation and decided to send his mom to the hospital with contractions!  So we packed up the Valentine party and headed for Genola - no sense in wasting a perfectly good time!  Cousin Rander Bott was born on February 11 but he had to stay in the hospital for about a month and missed the party.  What a party pooper!
 All the grown-ups pitched in as chefs and servers.  Even Grandpa Babe had a job - mood music provider!  I'm sure he was spinning some of the old classics from his chart-topper - Cryin' on the Garage Floor!

 The kids put on their dress-up box best and walked right into our silly dinner trap!

 Who says you can't wear bowling shoes, a droopy top hat and a stylish 70's vest out to a fancy dinner?

 Notice the painters plastic!  We needed a barrier so the kid's couldn't see what they were ordering for each of the three courses!

 With choices like hunk-o-burnin'-love, angel's coif, cold shoulder, these guys had no idea what they were going to get!  The lucky ones pieced together a spaghetti dinner with dipping veggies, garlic bread, and an ice cream sundae for dessert.  Sadly for them - hysterically for us - most ended up with cheesy ice cream, plain noodles topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry and a knife!

 Do we know how to create a romantic atmosphere or what?

 I'm pretty sure this plaid-clad firefighter, urban cowboy and island golfer were enjoying every course!

 We were also stoked to celebrate this special holiday with our Aussie cousins before they moved back to the homeland.  We miss you guys!!!

One thing's for sure, we couldn't love a bunch of crazy kids any more than these guys!

We Love Disney!

 Sometimes I get so excited about getting all arty and creative, I bite off a little more than I can chew.  That just about sums up the set design for Winnie's 2nd grade program - Ode to Walt Disney!  I actually forgot what it was called, but I did learn all about Walt, so it fits!

I thought it would be a good idea to draw and paint life-sized pictures of ALL the characters to match the songs the kids were singing.  To be fair, other moms said they'd be happy to help.  I'm just pretty selfish when it comes to art projects.  And it only took me 4 weeks of intense work and the complete neglect of my family to finish them!   

 First I drew . . .

 Then I painted . . .

 Then I outlined . . .

 Then I laminated . . .

 Then I got together with other prop moms and set it all up for the performance!

 Like always, I swore I would never take on such a big project on my own again, but who am I kidding.  I know I'll be waist-high in art supplies, poster board and fabric next year.

 The best part of the whole program was watching Winnie sing the "Let it Go" solo as Elsa from Frozen!  She literally practiced in the basement on her Frozen karaoke machine for MONTHS!!!  And she didn't disappoint!  She belted it out while she twirled her sparkly ribbon and danced her little heart out.  I'm sure it caught the eye of her crush, Lucas, pictured above.  She'll kill me if she sees it! 

 These AMAZINGLY TALENTED second grade teachers wrote and conducted the whole production.  Winnie's teacher, Mrs. Winn, finished up her last year before retirement with one great show!  As a reward for the second grade performers, the teachers got up at the crack of dawn and made about 100 Mickey Mouse waffles from a single-press waffle iron!  I guess they are just as crazy as I am!