Sunday, May 31, 2015

Christmas 2014

 It was our first Christmas in our new house!  Unfortunately, due to our oddly-shaped front room, our big tree wouldn't fit right.  We set it up in the dining room, but I just couldn't function without a tree in the living room, so we bought a tall, skinny one to fill the void.  I know, I've become one of those over-done crazies (akin to the cat lady or china doll hoarder) who has multiple Christmas trees.  I might even spring for a third on to go in the basement next year just to really freak out Kolby.

 This year, we enjoyed a festive evening at the Mystique dinner theater with June and enjoyed the live version of A Christmas Story.  Wonder if the fact that June's love interest had a starring role as Ralphy had anything to do with her constant begging to get tickets.  It was so funny and well-done.  Way to go Idaho!

 We hosted Nana, Papa, Uncle Buck, Aunt Karen, and Beka for the big day.  Nothing says, "Welcome to our home," like a tray full of stuffed mushrooms!

 Winnie makes a pretty cute elf!

 We always have lots of fun when we all get together.

 The kids got to open their Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve - even Beka got a pair!

 Wouldn't you know it, a heavy snow began falling on Christmas Eve, and poor Papa Lee had to plow the Logan airport on Christmas Day - just like when I was little and he had to take care of the airport in Hailey.  I might be the only kid who ever prayed for no snow on Christmas.

 We let Papa open his presents the night before so he could go to work.  He surprised Nana Deb with a pontoon boat.  She was pretty shocked and very excited to try it out on Devil Creek.  Too bad it's a summer toy!

 Present-opening consumed much of Christmas Day.  June made Winnie this fantastic Merrida hat which she has worn to school all winter.  That girl has mad crochet skills!  The Toziers got some framed pictures of the kids - always a hit!

 Klive really loved this t-rex bopper ball from Auntie Audra.  He hopped around on Rexy all day.  Winn got a Frozen karaoke machine and has since spent the winter belting out "Let it Go" in her bedroom.

 Bek was just the girl we needed!  She's not burned out on playing toys and entertaining 4-year-olds yet.  I'm pretty sure she assembled everything!  Klive's favorite gift was this new ship from Nana and Papa Lee.  He played in the tub until the water was cold.

 Nana Deb made me this fancy dress for Christmas.  Totally cute, totally comfy, and it even has pockets.  June taught Bek to crochet a hat on her new loop so they could be stylish twins.

 We filled the rest of the day with toys, movies and games, lots of eating, and a quick excursion out into the snow!  The day was over much too quickly - as usual.  Then we all tucked in for a long winters nap!

The Manliest Among Men

 When Christmas decoration day came around and I pulled out the tape measure, the one tool I planned on using for the set-up, Klivie Johnson got all holiday giddy.  He disappeared into his room, came back a tool-wielding terminator and told me, "leave it to me mom, I'm one of those guys who doos everything."

 Klive possesses an insatiable need to be a handyman.  He lives for broken pipes, stripped out screws, and newly-delivered, non-assembled furniture.

 He's always prepared for running heavy machinery in a hard hat and he wears work goggles throughout the day, just in case OSHA shows up for an inspection.

 He keeps a sharp eye out for every digger, dumper or dozer in town . . .

 . . . and an up-close encounter with a big rig is his crack.
 I'm pretty sure he dreams in black and yellow.

Never stop believing my little manly man.  One day you will "doos" it all!