Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Frosty Family Pictures

 We have really wanted to do family pictures up Santaquin Canyon for quite some time.  I had always just planned on doing them in the spring or summer when it was lush and green, but I'm so glad we procrastinated until the late fall, threw on our warm clothes and got super cozy!

 We even lucked out and got a skiff of snow!

 We are so lucky to have Misty Lee, a real photographer, in the family!  She makes us look so GQ!

 I learned my lesson from the last wintry photo session with kids and put them in layers and layers with gloves, hats, scarves, vests and even a big puffy blanket it things got really bleak.

 We started out with a few hat-free shots of the girls because it took an hour to get their hair done and I wasn't wasting that kind of work!

 Klive refused to take his lumberjack hat off, so he sported it in every picture.

 A good photographer knows she has to work quickly with kids who only have so much tolerance for sitting still, posing, and perma-smiling at a camera.

 Misty's good at her job - she makes the kids forget what they are there for and captures the beautiful faces I get to look at everyday!

 Me and my mini-mes!

 We ended up using the big blanket and threw on our hats when the snow started to fall.  Okay, just kidding.  It was cold, but there was not a snow cloud in sight.  Misty used her magic Photoshop skills to add the snow later.

 The snow on my scarf is real though.

 A little pitcher I know couldn't resist making a snowy softball and starting some trouble.

 Just trying to defend myself, I swear.

 Things got ugly fast!

 This might be my new favorite of Kolby and Me.

This one captured both of my loves - Kolby and my new minivan!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thanksgiving - Trailer Trash Style!

 Thanksgiving is typically celebrated at a grandma's home, in nice clothing, around a fancy dinner table with your family.  We got the family part right.  However, this year we joined Yaya and the Babe, the Botts and the Rosenbaums in their newish tradition - Thanksgiving camping down south!

 Who needs a fancy dinner when you can play in the dirt, climb rocks . . .

. . . and light stuff on fire with a magnifying glass!

I think the kids wore the same clothes for all three days we were there.  Now that's a party!
 We ate, and sat, and ate, and sat, and laughed.  Who knew you could cook a delicious turkey in a tiny trailer oven?

 When things got a bit dull, we shot some guns.  With plenty of adult supervision, if you count Uncle Cole, Grandpa Babe, Uncle Andrew and Kolby as adults.

 No camping trip Thanksgiving would be complete without a red-neck scavenger hunt!

 The hunt took them all over the hills to find clues.  In the end, they had to climb to the top of a giant rock to spot the loot.  Kolby, my perpetual child, had to make it to the prizes first.

 Would you believe the dollar store didn't have any Thanksgiving gift bags?  So we opted for Christmas!

 The bags were filled with everything a kid needs to enjoy a white-trash holiday.  Tattoo sleeves, beards, and weapons to protect the compound.

 They wore the helmets for the rest of the trip.  I think they even offered a bit of protection from the low-hanging rocks in the canyons.

 Plus, they looked pretty tough.

 Before we left, we explored this beautiful canyon.

 We are sure thankful for this crew!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

June's First Science Fair

 June was beyond excited to participate in her school's science fair this year.  In fact, she obsessed over choosing the perfect project for weeks in advance.  Finally, her dad helped her decide on this growing gummy bears experiment.
June put gummy bears into 9 different solutions to study the effects of osmosis on the bears overnight.  She learned all about osmosis and how some solutions have more or less solvents than the gummy bears, which made some grow and some shrink.  The results were also different for different colors of gummy bears.  She also learned how to make graphs to chart her data.  And mom got to break out her silhouette to fancy up the display board.

Other than the paper bear cutting, June did the whole project herself.  Mom and Dad just took the pictures.  I think we have a budding scientist on our hands!