Sunday, September 20, 2015

An Artsy Fartsy Part(s)y!

This budding artist turned 11 in March.  June's so into arts and crafts, we had to throw an art party - if for no other reason than to clean out the creative supplies she had overflowing from her cluttered room which we lovingly refer to as "the nest."  Only a bird saves more tiny bits of yarn than this pack rat!  We set up 4 stations to keep the party posse busy!

We made these cute bags.

 We ironed on fabric ice cream cone pieces and painted the words, "Life is sweeter with friends."

 I got a bit worried about turning a bunch of 11-year-olds loose with a hot iron, but no one got burned.  Success!

Next we used paint, stickers, and descriptive words to make funky self-portraits!

 I know these paper faces look a bit creepy, but once the girls cut them out, glued them on and painted on some hair and bodies, they looked mostly fantastic!

 Winnie's bangs are sensational, right?

 And June's ended up looking a bit like Julia Child, but I think Julia's amazing!
 I had to do a few prototypes of this sharpie marker tie dye tee-shirt project.  It's one of those cool things you find on Pinterest and think, "Wow, that sounds awesome and super easy!"  Then after 4 hours of failed attempts, 3 visits to the store for more supplies, and a permanently marked-up counter top, you give up and just turn the girls loose with sharpie markers and white tees and say "good luck!"

 This one turned out okay, so it looked like I almost knew what I was doing!

 They had fun anyways!

 Last, but not least, my favorite - the cupcake-creating station!

 I supplied the girls with plenty of sugary toppings . . .

 . . . and we even had 5 frosting flavors to choose from!

 Even these super-serious artists had to take a snack break from time to time!

After working up an artsy appetite, the girls could visit "The Starving Artist," our own little cafe!

They got their "creative juices" flowing and even ate "paint chips!"

 We offered a few healthy options, too!

 Nana Deb showed up with a colorful rainbow of fruit!

 Auntie Auds and Nana Deb are both very creative - so we needed their artistic guidance!

 Klive must have been working in a more dangerous medium and needed the goggles for safety!

 June has a knack for picking fantastic friends!  These girls are all sweethearts with great senses of humor - just like June!  They all signed June's apron to help her remember her special day!

 She was extremely thrilled that her best friend from from her previous school, Gracie, could come and meet her friends from her new school and softball team.

 Everyone had a great time.  Did I mention how much we loved having Auds and Nana?

 After we got our fill of painting, eating, crafting, eating, coloring, and more eating, we let June open her presents.

 Big surprise, she ended up with more art supplies - and a load of new yarn to add to her nest!

 What's an art party without a gallery showing?

 Here are the finished portraits!

 The tee-shirts didn't turn out too bad either.

 I think the bags were my favorite!

 Strike a pose!

June's real birthday was a day later - so we had family cheese cake and cracked June up with this ever-so-special talking unicorn card.  June, take that unicorn's, advice:  "Never stop believing, miracles are everywhere!"

A Couple of Cute Candids!

 Anyone a fan of Sprockets?  Klive can't get enough of his cool dude long underwear for skiing.  He'd wear them to church if I let him!  And now he knows all about SNL from the 90's - when it was a bit less risque but still just as funny!

 When he's feeling a bit more manly, he throws on his moose hat.  This is a must when you live in the mountains and have dreams of, one day, joining Dad on a manly hunting trip.

 These two cuties are a bit more reserved in their clothing choices.  I can't remember the last time these two got into a heated brawl.  They have become really good friends.  Winnie teaches June about soccer and reading music.  June shows Winnie how to pitch a fast ball, sew and crochet.  They still enjoy playing make-believe with dolls and dress-ups when no one is looking.  Personality-wise, they are very different from each other, but have learned to FINALLY get along and support each other.  It took a while to learn that they don't have to compete with each other and now they are their sister's cheerleader.  I hope they will stay best friends and look out for one another - especially as we are heading into the treacherous teen years!