Monday, May 5, 2014

What's a guy to do?

  Life gets a little monotonous and downright boring when your dad goes to work and your big sisters go to school every day and you're stuck home with mom.  The frequent trips to the grocery store hardly count as a good time and a guy's got to do something to keep his sanity.  Sometimes the best idea is a play date with your best buddy.

 Saving the world from evil is a tall order, even for these two smans.

 It's important to refuel between light saber fights.

 Sometimes when your best buddy isn't available, you drown your lonely sorrows in a warm tub.  And pretend you are Daddy.

When you are really missing Daddy, you put on your white coat and brush up on your doctoring skills.  Wonder what's wrong with that guys intestines?  Dr. Klive always knows what to do - shots for everyone!

And finally, sometimes it just gets to be too much alone time for one guy to handle.  The crazy takes over and your sisters come home to find you in your windshield wiper glasses with a laser pointer tucked into your undies.