Friday, September 12, 2014

Eye of the Tiger!

 In April, Winnie landed on an all-boy soccer team.  It was a fluke.  When we showed up for the first practice and I took one look at all that testosterone, I was a bit worried.  Not Winnie though, she headed right out on the field and said, "It's okay mom, all boys is just the way I like it."

 They called themselves the Tigers and this team meant business.  Well, most of the players meant business.  We had one or two who didn't quite realize soccer required them to run and kick a ball.

 I swear my opinion is not biased, but Winnie was one of the best on the team this time.  She really started to understand the game and worked hard to create plays.  Her ball control was so much better than last fall.
 She really shines as a defensive player.  Not very much got past her.  I think it helped that she stood about 3 or 4 inches taller than most of the boys on her team.

The Tigers had a stellar season.  They won 7 games and tied one game.  Winnie's shining moment came on a freezing, rainy morning when she placed a corner kick exactly at the feet of Ethan, who, mid-stride, kicked it smack into the goal.  Her coach yelled, "Winnie!  That was the best assist all season!"  Talk about the stars aligning!  It looked like something out of the pros!  It was a pleasure to watch Winnie show all the boys how it's done this season.  She gets better every year!


I'm a little behind in my posts again.  It's been a busy spring and summer.  So I'll do my best to recall all the Easter events that transpired about 6 months ago.  We took the kids to a residency egg hunt in the park.  Daddy had to run to work mid-festivities, so we put our kids' surrogate parents, Zach and Tess, to work hunting for eggs and feeding our kids. 

 They were still child free at this point so they had lots of good energy!

 Kory and his family came for a visit to celebrate Easter weekend with us.  I'm really not sure what the mustaches had to do with Easter, but I'm guessing these girls must have found them in the eggs they collected during the neighborhood hunt.  They make facial hair look good!

 We did our own hunt in the back yard as well.

 This picture also leads me to believe Winnie had a soccer game that day.  I'm going to go ahead and say her team won.  They were spectacular this year.  I will have to do a separate post about her fantastic season.

 Cousins enjoying baskets full of sugar!

 I do remember they had a blast with their cousins.

And here's the traditional "Easter Sunday Dress" photo.  Klive came down with a fever on Easter Sunday and missed out on church and dressing up.  How convenient for him.  I'm sure he stayed home with Dad and snuggled with his Easter basket.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gateway Children's Museum with the Crandalls

 We got to spend an afternoon with our Oklahoma buddies, the Crandalls, at the kids museum in Salt Lake City.  I wish we had more than a day to spend with these great friends, but we filled the day we had with tons of fun!  That museum was packed with anything and everything for playing make-believe!  June and Haley played store for a bit.

 Winnie did a little construction with Lauren.  Then they headed off to the bakery to make a few loaves of bread.

Looks like they had a bit of tidying up to do in the kitchen.

 Klive and Dad took an airplane ride to Hawaii.  I think it was a turbulent one.

 Winn and Lauren channeled their inner pioneer and did a bit of front porch rockin'.

 Klive flew the girls to the scene of an accident in his rescue helicopter.

 Drs. June and Haley jumped into action to revive an injured patient.

 Klive was all business while he manned the 911 hotline and then suited up to perform an emergency surgery.  I have about three times as many pictures of our day but don't want to overwhelm you with the awesomeness of our day with the Crandalls.  Looks like we will have to make the next trip out to Oklahoma to visit on their turf!

June's double digits!

June celebrated her 10th birthday!  And look how happy she was!  I know I usually go all out to create over-the-top birthday parties for my kids, so I guess you could say that poor June got the shaft this year.  Her dad was working in Boise all month and I was frantically packing our crap to move into a new house that week.  So Texas Road House and a movie with her best pal Gracie was the best I could do.

Instead of the fun and games that typically ensue at a Johnson birthday bash, she got to wear a giant cake hat and ride on the TRH birthday saddle.  Now that's real excitement!
We tossed in a quick run to the dollar store to buy movie treats.  Gracie couldn't believe her family wasn't the only law breakers who sneak cheap candy into the theater. 

Before you judge me too harshly for my party-throwing laziness, check out these fantastic octopus cupcakes I brought to June's class.  Back-story stuff:  I was skyping with my Nana and Grampy while I made these beauties.  Klive walked into the kitchen, said he had to spit, and hurled all over the floor.  In less than an hour, I apologized to my grandparents for the projectile vomiting they had to witness, quarantined the germ-free cupcakes, scrubbed my puke-filled kitchen, bathed my son, and stuck eyes on all the octopi before heading to June's class, all the while praying it was an isolated barf incident and we wouldn't infect everyone.

 The cupcakes rocked their worlds and no one got sick.  Phewf.

 Daddy finally got home the day before we moved and we had a little family party.

The Halversens joined us for some of June's favorites, shepherd's pie and cheesecake.  Trick candles really got things hoppin'!  Happy big 10 June!  When you start to feel like no one really cares about you getting another year older, just think back to that fantastic Harry Potter party that your mom spent months planning, weeks organizing, days setting up, and an entire night taking down.  That should totally count for 2 years!

Monday, May 5, 2014

What's a guy to do?

  Life gets a little monotonous and downright boring when your dad goes to work and your big sisters go to school every day and you're stuck home with mom.  The frequent trips to the grocery store hardly count as a good time and a guy's got to do something to keep his sanity.  Sometimes the best idea is a play date with your best buddy.

 Saving the world from evil is a tall order, even for these two smans.

 It's important to refuel between light saber fights.

 Sometimes when your best buddy isn't available, you drown your lonely sorrows in a warm tub.  And pretend you are Daddy.

When you are really missing Daddy, you put on your white coat and brush up on your doctoring skills.  Wonder what's wrong with that guys intestines?  Dr. Klive always knows what to do - shots for everyone!

And finally, sometimes it just gets to be too much alone time for one guy to handle.  The crazy takes over and your sisters come home to find you in your windshield wiper glasses with a laser pointer tucked into your undies.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cross Country

 Kolby, June and I got away for a fun family adventure in January.  We joined some fellow residency friends for a weekend of cross country skiing.
 As promised, we let June put her money where her mouth was and try to eat a Big Judd's burger on our way up to the mountains.

 Can you believe she ate half of that burger?  I gave fair warning and assured her there was a tummy ache in her near future but it didn't slow her down.  She was wishing she had listened to her momma as she spent over an hour in tears on the toilet that night. 

 We hit the snow hard from the get-go.  June just kept strapping on her skis and making us take her out for hours!  Kolby and I would have been happy to rest our sore legs, arms and backs and just enjoy the scenery from the lodge, but June made sure we got our money's worth of skiing.  

In addition to all the skiing, we did some sledding, played board games at the lodge, ate some tasty meals, snuggled by the fire, and enjoyed the company of the fellow resident families.   Plus, it's rare that we get to do things with one kid at a time and it was so nice to make the weekend all about June.  I think she's now a skier for life!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

We enjoyed a lovely and restful Christmas vacation in Genola with the Johnsons this year.  Kolby used his seniority at the residency to get the whole holiday weekend off to spend with the family.  Here's a look at our holiday happenings.
 Santa had his work cut out for him this year.  Winnie's only wish was for some new, beautiful, sparkly, pink high-heel shoes.  You'd think that would be an easy thing to find.  Not so.  It took a strong dose of Christmas magic to locate such special shoes in a size 2.  The girls also got some little video cameras to document their dramatic lives.

 Daddy got a beautiful new snowboarding coat.  Now if only we had some time and some cash to hit the slopes.  Next year maybe!

 Klive's love affair with the Avengers continues.  Santa delivered some sweet new super suits to help him in his pursuit for justice.

 Once again, great new (big) presents with nowhere to store them.  Just doing out best to create tiny hoarders.

 Here's the token one picture of me from the whole season.  I'm sure it's a mom thing.

 Kolby took this great panorama shot of the annual Johnson Family Christmas Party.  Look closely - you'll find one sneakster pictured twice.  Magic!  Sorry, I was too busy stuffing my face with Uncle Dave's amazing chili and scones to take any pictures of the Hansen Family Christmas Party. 

Christmas Day = Hobbit Day!  Can I just say that I was so depressed when the LOTRs movies ended and we no longer had a big blockbuster holiday movie to help us celebrate Christmas.  Thanks Peter Jackson for bringing the magic back!  Poor June, she got a terrible cold on Christmas night and coughed through the whole thing.
 We finally quit dragging our lazy feet and made a trip to Provo Beach with Yaya and the Botts.  The kids (and I'm pretty sure the grown-ups too) loved it!
Ice cream sundaes, 4-story jungle gym, arcade, bowling, ropes course, laser obstacle course and a little ride on the carousel.  Maybe next time we won't be packing our extra holiday poundage and we will be brave enough to try the indoor surfing.  Maybe.