Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Calling All Avengers!

 Three years old baby!  This August, Klive spent his birthday at the Payson pool with the family, but we kicked off the big event a few days earlier with an Avengers assemble party.

That's one handsome Hulk Smash!  And I've got to give a shout out to Aunt Misty Johnson who gifted us a professional photo shoot for the entire party.  She's got skills!
 Here's the fruits of my late-night labors in Yaya's kitchen.  A complete avenger-themed goodie bar with a Captain America's fruit shield, Black Widow cookies, Hulk punch, Hawkeye veggie arrows, and Thor cheese hammers.

 Daddy led the kids through an intense avengers training camp.  Kung-fu chops, kicks and punches on Black Widow's punching bags . . .

 A little bit of Hulk Smashing through rock walls.  We even got the big boys involved in this fun!

 Lots of smashing . . .

 And crashing.

 A little bit of Hawkeye target practice . . .

 And the favorite game of the day, "free the frozen superheroes from the ice."  This game started out with water guns and soon escalated to . . .   

. . . some heavy breathing.

The kids finally got down to business and smashed the heroes to pieces before they froze to death.  Most of them made it out with their limbs in place.  Most of them.

 A giant water fight ensued.  Naturally.

Winn never minds getting tossed around by Uncle Andrew.  She's never really gotten over that crush.
 Pretty girl.  Never takes a bad picture.

 The kids had a ball tossing Thor hammers through the targets.

 One kid in particular couldn't handle getting schooled by his little brother.  What a poor sport.

Love this picture of Caulder.  It captures his natural awesomeness which is virtually impossible for most photographers.  Kudos Misty!

 Klive could only handle wearing clothes for so long.  He spent the bulk of his party in his superhero undies.  That's really the only way to enjoy yourself.

 Cupcakes.  The real reason I throw parties.

 This cake may look like a mess just thrown together, but it was a nightmare to create - Just ask Yaya Julie.  I should just stick to cupcakes.  Oh well, I just never gave up hope.

 This boy may be getting bigger, but he's always going to be my special little guy.  NEVER LEAVE ME!!!

This three-year-old knows how to knock out some flames.

 We wrapped things up with a pinata full of avenger goodies.

 We enjoyed a perfect day with all our best buddies . . .

We love birthday parties!!!
Happy birthday Klive!  You are my best boy and I will smother you with hugs and kisses forever!  You are wise and witty - more than any other three-year-old I know.  You sing Justin Bieber, Muse, and Imagine Dragons with mom all day, you have a knack for turning every object into a weapon or car, just like a real boy should.  Even when you get in a "mood," a snuggle from Mom makes it all better.  You are my biggest helper around the house and could probably run the place without any help from anyone.  You bring so much joy and smiles to our family, we couldn't imagine life without you.  We love you!!!!!