Thursday, September 26, 2013

Genola Summer!

 Kolby spent some time working at the Nephi hospital this summer, so we enjoyed some much-need cousin time!  It's never quite enough play time for these two. 

 7 kids in one yard may be overwhelming to some great-grandparents, but not Grandma Sara and Grandpa Kyle.  They welcome these little hands in the garden, they break out the rangers and four-wheelers and even let the kids drive, and they sacrifice their beautifully manicured lawns and flower beds (aka Hogwarts) just to make this crew happy.

 Ditto for Yaya and the Babe's.  These are some lucky grand-kids! 
 June got in some serious softball practice pitching with Aunt Rylee.  I'm worried that Aunt Rylee and Uncle Andrew are still recovering from the "Annie-I-over" workout the kids gave them.
Aunt Misty (Johnson) took some beautiful pictures of all the kids for Yaya and the Babe's wall.  I made these cute shirts for the photo shoot.  Now that's one good looking group of grand kids.

 And the kids discovered a giant box of dress-ups in the basement.  I'm sad to say that I remember Kolby wearing some of these get-ups out in public when we were first dating.  Good thing he didn't get his hands on the box this time around.

 Who knew a big box of crazy D.I. clothes could keep these kids busy for days?!

 Thanks Genola cousins for always making our play-date dreams come true!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer Kick-Off!

 The girls finished up another great school year!  Winnie got a new dress and haircut to spruce things up for her kindergarten graduation.  She loved her first school year in Mrs. Westwood's class.  She learned so much, and we all learned she is going to be a perpetual social butterfly.

 It was tough to say goodbye to June's teacher, Mrs. Kent.  It was her last year of teaching and it was our pleasure to have her before she finished up.  These two were kindred spirits and June adored her sense of humor, her laid-back teaching style, and her love of horses and cowboy music!  Third grade will be hard to beat!

 Kolby had to work in Twin Falls for a day in June and we decided to tag along with him and visit Nana and Grampy.  Klive spent the afternoon snacking and snuggling with Gramp.

 The girls introduced Nana Betty to the ipad and their crazy hairstyle game.  

 We also reached a few milestones in June.  Klive kicked the diaper habit and never looked back.  Uncle Buck dropped a pretty penny on a load of big boy (stinkin') underwear as a reward.  Look at that big boy pride!  He's only had a couple of accidents, and mom does a happy dance every time she walks by the diaper isle at the grocery store!  We are a diaper free family!

 After a visit to the dentist and a bad report on his binkie-induced overbite, Klive made the decision to give up his pacifier, too.  Surprisingly, that was tougher than potty training.  He went a couple of days without it (hiding the withdrawals) and then he had a major cry under the couch because he missed it so badly.  We decided it was time for a diaper and binkie-free big boy to get his own big boy bed.  Mom worked her fingers to the bone on a custom-made avengers bedspread.  He is now a happy camper!

 We celebrated Father's Day with this guy.  The greatest dad around deserves a relaxing break from time to time.

 So we made him a back-rub shirt.  The kids take turns driving Klive's toy cars on Kolby's road map around town.  Fun for the kids and Kolby too.

 We celebrated the Fourth of July in Malad with Nana and Papa.  Here's a picture of my patriotic masterpiece - a jello trifle.

 The cutest Uncle Sam I've ever seen.

 Dutch oven chicken by the river.

 We had another visit with our grandparents.

Nana showed June a few tunes on the ukulele.  Looks like she's a two-instrument girl now.  Not a bad start to our summer vacation!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Couple of Sporty Girls

 We enjoyed a spring and summer full of organized sports this year.  Both girls suited up for soccer as school started to wind down for the year.  Winnie landed on the same team (Green Leprechaun All-Stars) that she played with in the fall and she rocked soccer this time around!  She scored a handful of goals, ran like a gazelle and only shed a couple of tears.  She even decided she'd like to become a soccer coach when she grows up!

 June thought she'd give soccer a go this year too.  Her team was full of newbies and they faced an uphill battle most of the season, but June really learned a lot.  She became a fierce defender and eventually scored a goal at the end of the season when she got the courage to play offense.  

Before we knew it, fast-pitch softball season was upon us.  Mom was a bit nervous at the start of the season because these little girls can really chuck that ball, but June was a total stud on her team!  She played second base for most of the season, she scored a bunch of runs, learned to slide like a pro, and put Mom in the poor farm after I promised her 5 bucks a hit.  Her coaches were so great - I am amazed by all the new skills June learned.  I think she's found her sweet spot when it comes to sports.  Can't wait until next year!