Monday, May 20, 2013

June's First Violin Recital

 June's been taking violin lessons since September, and although I am a biased mom, I still think she's picking it up at turbo speed.  She played 3 songs at her first recital this weekend and didn't even break a sweat!

 I'm pretty sure her success has a lot to do with having the best, most awesome violin teacher ever.  Tess Halversen is not only an amazing violinist, but also the most fun, creative teacher ever!  June just adores her.

 Nana, Papa, Yaya and Grandma Sara all came up to support June.  I think they were pretty proud.

Can't believe how fast June is growing up.  She wore her first high-heel shoes to her performance and she got her first ever flowers from a boy - her Daddy.
Thank you Johnsons and Ivies for coming - it meant the world to June!