Monday, July 16, 2012

Backyard Wipeout

 The big day came - Kolby finally finished intern year!  And it just so happened that Kolby picked "Wipeout" from the date bucket this month.  So to celebrate, we created our own white trash, backyard version of Wipeout.  Just our luck, a major rainstorm hit right as we were getting ready to launch, but we just used it to our advantage and went for it!

 Klive got spooked right of the bat when Kolby blew the air horn.  He decided that things would be a bit safer from the sidelines.

 We drew numbers to see determine the order:  June, Jess, Kolby, Klive and Winnie.  June and Kolby tied for a win with a 3 minute 9 second run.  Winnie took second with just over 4 minutes, Klive made it about a third of the way while holding his dad's hand and then just lay down on the ground in defeat.  Mom injured herself on the moat swing (two c-sections = no stomach strength) but finished the course anyways.

Here's how the course played out:  Spin on the bat 5 times and then try to whack the hanging tennis ball . . .

 Hop through the hula hoop while the sprinkler assaults you, then wrestle the alligator and steal his jump rope . . .

 Jump the rope to the trampoline where the big red balls await you.  Pop a big red ball while being sprayed with silly string . . .

 Land a flying dingle ball on the tower . . .

 Jump the 4 bases without getting wiped out by a spinning sweeper arm . . .

 Swing bravely across the turtle moat (Mom's Achilles heel) . . .

 Channel your inner Katniss and land a rubber arrow on the sliding glass door . . .

 Walk the slippery plank over the deep water below while being bombarded by punch balloons and water guns . . .

 And finally, slide into the finish line on the world's slipperiest slip-n-slide.

 The rain poured, the course challenged us to the very core, but we rose to victory.  Okay, I had to slump to victory - it still counts.

 Let's pretend our wipeout-themed victory dinner was definitely better than winning 50 thousand dollars like they do on the real show.  

 We wolfed down our "Big Red Ball" sub sandwiches and salad topped with "Big Red Ball" cherry tomatoes.

 And for dessert?  What else, "Big Red Ball" cupcakes.

 Some of us enjoyed the meal a little too much . . .

 I won't name names but . . .

Someone always takes things a little too far.  From all of us at the Johnson household, good night and big balls!

Summer Happenings

Wouldn't you know it, this summer just keeps whipping by.  Better catch up on what's been going on before we're back to early bedtimes and hitting the books.  In June we had a little visit from some of our favorite people - the other Johnsons!  We couldn't get over how big the kids have gotten, but they still play just the same.  Sofie is still as sweet as ever, and it's nice to get to know Luke a bit better.  Klive really took to him and I thought it was so sweet when Klive said, "Mon, Luke," and took him by the hand to his toy box.  It's nice to have another guy around to play trucks with.
These are some girly girls, through and through.  They all had to wear their slinky princess nightgowns and fancy shoes for a night on the town.  In the back yard.  We love our Johnson buddies!

 Klive has become a water baby this summer.  He's been making weekly trips to Nana and Papa's pool in Logan and he now paddles himself around the pool in his water wings without mom's help.  He's also a bit of a sun bather.  He has also started to strike poses for mom when she breaks the camera out.  What a guy!

 These ladies are mermaids.  They no longer need floaties to get around in the water.  We got to do some family swimming at Kolby's work retreat in June.  We camped - I mean really camped in a tent, at Heise campgrounds and then hit the pool the next day.

 The girls braved the water slide with their dad, and Klive was so tired from his camping experience, that he made a few laps and then fell asleep on mom's lap for the rest of the afternoon.

 I got to show the fam around my old stomping ground of Rigby, Idaho.  I introduced them to the famous "Bambino" for lunch.  If you don't know what that is, I'm sad for you.  They are SCRUMPTIOUS!  I also let them loose in the toy basement of Kings, the store where I worked when I was in high school.  Then we let them climb all over the town's military tank.  Until we realized we were at the wrong park and had to make a mad dash to find the rest of the residents.  It was a great retreat.  I'm a bit nervous, because if Kolby becomes Chief resident next year, I will have to be in charge of organizing it.  

 I've had a bit of trouble getting this boy to eat anything this summer.  I don't know what happened, he just lost his appetite.  The only thing he ever asks for is "nacks," or in other words, fruit snacks.  The only healthy things he will eat are black beans, string cheese, cucumbers and fruit.  So that's what he's been getting a steady diet of. 
 These "nacks" were a huge hit for our 4th of July celebration.  We went to a residency barbecue at the Fenstermaker's and brought these festive jello popcorn sacks.  They were gobbled up by kid and adult alike.  The kids had a blast playing with all their friends and watching neighborhood fireworks.  Sadly, I only got a picture of the nacks.  Looks like I've got to change my priorities.

And, last but not least, we finished out t-ball on a high note.  Winnie and Klive went to every game and cheered their hearts out for June.  Klive really started talking during these last few weeks.  He was so funny at the games.  I would yell, "Good run Junie!" or "Watch the Ball!" and he would yell the exact same thing right after me.  By the end, he was copying everything every parent yelled, and everyone was cracking up.  It's a good thing no one had potty mouths!  

So there you go - that's half the summer already gone!  Whoa baby!

Farewell to T-Ball


June had a great T-ball season this summer.  She lucked out and got on the best team (The Green Lizards)  and had the best coach who taught her lots of new skills, gave lots of praise and then had the patience to let the kids just play their games.  She made lots of new friends on her team, once she got over her initial shyness.  She learned to hit pitches this year and she made some great plays in the outfield.  She even caught her first pop fly!  I think she paused in shock for about 10 seconds while the crowd cheered!  Her sweet spot was short stop where she averaged about 2 outs a game. 
Grandpa Kyle, a seasoned pro, came up mid season and worked with her in the backyard.  He even rigged a hanging tennis ball for her to practice her swings.  She worked very hard this summer and her talent grew by leaps and bounds.  She's already started working on her softball fast pitch skills so she's all ready to start playing softball with the older girls next summer.  So proud of you Junie B, our little slugger!  

Genola Days 2012

So we ditched our dad on Father's Day and headed down to Genola for their town celebration to party it up.  We're rebels like that.  It's every bit as fun as we remembered it!
 Here's one cool dude waiting for the parade to start.  Typically, if you blink during the Genola town parade, you will miss it.  They even run it forward and backward just to give it a bit more oomph.

 But this year, I'm pretty sure it lasted almost a half an hour.  Don't worry though, what it lacks in length, it makes up for in awesomeness.  Do you know of any other parade that not only throws candy, but also warm hot dogs and cool freezer pops?  I didn't think so.  Long live the Genola Town Parade!!!

 Klive's favorite part:  The big black horses, the lovely town queens and princesses, and the noisy fire trucks.  

But the best part is getting to spend it with the Johnson crew - our best buddies for life!

 It was our first year going to the rodeo - and it didn't disappoint.  Klive squealed with delight every time a horse and it's cowboy buzzed by and sprayed him with stinky dirt.  

 Winnie was on cloud nine when she got to sit right next to a rodeo queen.  She didn't know they existed in real life!  She almost aspired to become one until one of the lovely ladies got squished under a spooked horse's back.  Luckily, the girl's okay, and Winnie has added yet another thing to her "I will never do that" list.  No to swimming in Wa-hi-he, thanks to "Soul Surfer," no to Ferris wheels, thanks to Disneyland, and now, no to riding horses or farm animals of any kind.  The list is always growing.

 We all loaded up on rodeo grub and held our breath when the "wonkin' wonkos" came charging by.  Winnie did get up the nerve to do the half-time chicken chase once all the big animals were safely caged away.  Sadly, I forgot to tell her that she had to pick up the chickens.  She ran her little heart out and shooed the ones away that got near her legs.

 Unfortunately, June's heart couldn't handle the inhumane calf ropin' and she decided to become a vegetarian in protest.  I think it lasted until she got her pulled pork sandwich later that night. 

We finished off the night with the traditional firework watching from the roof of the paint shed.  Oh, all except for Winnie who was tucked safely in bed in the basement.  Fireworks are also on her unapproved list.  Loud noises just freak her right out.  Thanks Genola for another great day!

Father's Day

Poor Kolby had to work on Father's Day weekend this year.  So we did what we always do, and celebrated a bit early.  What a lucky dad - these kids love him so much.  They all came up with their own special presents this year.  Klive shot the wad and bought his dad a wireless router, a 4-stroke weed whacker, and a new work lunch box.  He aims to please!

Winnie and I were at JC Penny in March and she decided that Daddy needed a bow tie for work.  She was adamant that it had to be red and it would make him look more professional, so we bought it.  I can't believe she kept it a secret until June.  Nice one Winn!  June really surprised me with her artistic ability on this one.  She knew that her dad loved the cartoon, "Adventure Time."  So she paused the show and spent over 3 hours drawing and coloring Finn and Jake.  It turned out so nicely, we framed it.  Daddy was so thrilled when he opened his presents.  He proudly wore his new bow tie the following day to work and hung his new picture in his office. 

Kolby may have lucked out in the present department this year, but we think we lucked out in the Daddy department every day.  He works non-stop and magically finds the time to play with these kiddos every day.  They literally pace the floor and are glued to the front room window every evening waiting for Daddy to come home and wrestle.  The big smiles and laughs don't come out until Daddy's around.  Love you Daddy! 

Iron Chef

  I made a date bucket for one of Kolby's Christmas presents last year.  Because he rarely has free time, I got very creative and filled the bucket with over 50 fun, prospective dates, most of which we can do at home when he has the occasional day off.  I even color-coded and coordinated the dates with the appropriate seasons in which they could take place.  I know, I'm as anal as Monica on Friends.  I secretly like that about me.  The idea was to have one date a month this year - we are a bit behind schedule.  Our first date was a video game night in April.  It was just the two of us, and it was super fun - like before we were married fun!

  A handful of the date ideas involve our kids - if you can count that as a date.  In June, Kolby drew out "Iron Chef" for our date.  The kids were dying to be involved!  Kolby and Winnie teamed up against June and me.  We chose pineapple as our secret ingredient and went to work planning.   When the day came, we decorated like a luau, ran to the grocery store to race for our ingredients and got to work in the kitchen. 
 Dad and Winn made pineapple frog-eye salad, a delectable pineapple, cheese, and cracker dessert, and a homemade pineapple sorbet.    June and I made marinaded shrimp and pineapple kabobs, chips with pineapple guacamole, and strawberry, raspberry, pineapple punch.  Sadly, Kolby's cheesy treat, encased in a glass pan, exploded all over the oven.  June and I swear we didn't sabotage them.  It was so good, we scooped it from the oven floor and ate as much as we could, hoping we didn't swallow any glass chunks.
 We knew we could never be objective when it came to judging our creations, so we invited Nana Deb and Papa Lee to the feast as our judges.  Some judges they turned out to be - they wouldn't pick a winner!

 It was a super fun pineapple afternoon!  We've decided that family dates can be just as fun as couple dates.  We are lucky to have such great kids!

 Talk about being stuffed!

I'm pretty sure Kolby is totally impressed by my date planning skills - and my psycho level of organization.  I'm sure it would overwhelm a lesser man!