Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nana and Papa Time!

 We've officially been in Idaho for a year now.  Somehow, it just didn't seem like home until Nana and Papa moved back to Malad last month.  The kids just can't get enough Nana and Papa time.  And Kolby and I are happy to let them go for a visit and get a few, long-overdue naps in.

 Last weekend, we met in the middle and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Lava Hot Springs.  It was nice and cool outside - that's the best way to enjoy the springs.

 Papa took a few laps with kids on his back . . .

 and he taught Klive a few swimming strokes.

 We made sure to slather Kolby with sunscreen.  Poor guy, he spends 5 minutes in the sun and turns into a tomato.  Truth be told, he's developed vampire skin from spending nearly every waking minute at the hospital.  We've been told that second year of residency will be a bit easier.  We have our fingers and toes crossed for that.
 It just feels good to have the folks home.  Now, if only we could kidnap the rest of the Ivies from Oklahoma . . .

 We'd been to Lava several times, but never really explored the town.  Until now.  We visited every shop, ate at a cute little joint, stopped for ice cream, and dove into a museum when it started to rain.  Papa bought Klive this manly cowboy hat.  It was just too cute to resist.  Sorry Tish, we tried to talk Nana into buying a t-shirt for the new little chick that said, "Boob: it's what's for dinner."  She just wouldn't go for such crudeness.

The girls picked up some authentic pioneer bonnets.  A day of fun and these kids were spent.  Nothing like a quiet ride home with these ice cream mustaches!

Summertime Countdown

 There's only so much waiting around you can do for summer vacation.  By May, Klive definitely had had enough of the cold days spent inside watching cartoons - but I still can't get enough of his favorite t.v. watching position.  He's always such a cool dude. 

A bath is the next best thing when it's too cold to head out to the pool.  This kid can't get enough of the water. 

Winn spent the entire month of May touching up her make-up.  Seriously, this girl has developed a love affair with all things beauty parlor.  She must take after her Auntie Audra.
 June had a busy month of May with all the end of school year celebrations.  Daddy took the girls to McTeachers' Night.  How cool is that idea?  The teachers served the food at McDonalds and a portion of the money went to pay for new school playground equipment.  
I can't say enough good things about June's teachers this year.  Mrs. Meline and Mrs. Froelich made her year so special!  I lucked out and got to be the room mom, so I think Winn got to be an honorary student.  At one point, Mrs. Meline was even sending homework for Winnie and grading it with June's papers.  Winnie was so excited to get her work back with special notes and stickers.  Mrs. Meline is a sweetheart.

 June finished out the year with several field trips and a pioneer day.  Here's my first attempt at a pioneer skirt.  She's cute enough to pull it off.

 Then, at long last, we made it to summer vacation!  We pulled out our lawn chairs (now the kids' favorite t.v. chairs) and got our summer celebration going.

And there's definitely nothing better than a sassy summer haircut to start things off with a bang(s)!  Happy Summertime!