Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tukk's March for Babies

We got to be a part of Tukker's March for Babies this year.  Here he is - Mr. Ambassador in all his super-hero glory.  It was a great day, even though it made us all a bit emotional to look back at Tukker's rocky beginnings and the many trials he overcame that made him the special boy he is today.  What a great kid - he loves life.  He also loves treats.  A boy after my own heart! 

Misty and Cole got up and shared Tukker's story with the whole crowd.  I think Misty was able to get through it without crying because she hid her secret identity behind her super hero mask.


Here's some of Tukk's fellow super hero crew.  It was a pretty good looking group!

Yaya and the Babe

Aunt Rylee and Winnie
 Aunt Darby, Junie and Klive (aka Evil K)


Grandpa Fred and Grandma Jan

The kids had a most enjoyable time.  The March of dimes really knows how to throw a party!  They had dancers, bounce houses, balloon artists, jugglers, a kids' radio station, and free food as far as the eye could see.  They must have know Tukker was coming.

I'm so glad we live close enough to be a part of Tukk's fan club.  He is truly a miracle boy. 

 Nothing brings us more joy than getting to watch him do regular old little boy stuff, like play with his cousins.  We are one blessed family!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Kolby and I celebrated our eleven-year anniversary at the end of April.  We dropped the kids off at Yaya and the Babe's house and escaped to Park City for some shopping and relaxation.  Nothing like a weekend away from all our responsibilities to remind us how much fun we still have just being together.  Kolby even booked us a night at a beautiful hotel and Spa.  The highlight was the bathrobes - now that's really living the high life.  We even wore them over our clothes, just so we could get the maximum enjoyment out of them.  Eleven years and we're keeping the magic alive.  Life is good.