Friday, March 16, 2012

Disneyland 2012

The countdown was on for months, and the Johnson Family Disneyland extravaganza finally arrived! I think the girls have finally reached the age of maximum Disney enjoyment. What an awesome trip!

We celebrated birthdays at Grandma Sara's before we took off for California. March is jam-packed with Johnson birthdays. So nice when you can get three names on the same cake!

These dudes were busy getting excited for the trip.

Our car was loaded to the max with vacation gear, so we made June open her presents before we took off.

Two days in a car is torture. Especially with a dad who has saved all his farts up for his vacation week. But it's totally worth it when you make it to the ocean!

Surfin' in the USA!

The feel of sand between his toes was rather nice, but this kids bolted for the ocean the minute we let him loose.

What kind of people swim in the ocean during the first week of March? People from Idaho, that's who!

Nothing better than polar fleece pants when you get the urge to take a dip.

June immediately began adding to her shell collection. She even found a whole sand dollar! She wondered if she could spend it at Disney the next day.

After his complete submersion in the sea, Klive stripped down to his birthday suit. He was shivering ferociously, but we couldn't keep him out. Best bath tub ever!!! And we're still finding sand in his fat rolls.

Day 2: Disney Day!!! Sorry Aunt Misty, I stole your picture. But it's only because you were the best at capturing our true excitement.

June's Nana made her a special pirate skirt to wear to Disney to celebrate her pirate-themed birthday. She got so many compliments, and a lady even asked me where she could buy one. That Nana can make anything.

Kolby and June got special birthday badges to wear around the park.

Klive got a first-timer badge, and as you can see, he was so excited about it.

For some reason, the girls weren't big on character photos this year. June only got excited and waited in line to have a picture with Mary Poppins. Strange child.

I think she had the most fun being there with her best friend in the whole world, Cousin Caulder. These two are like peas and carrots. June's favorite part of the trip was riding Space Mountain with her BFF.

We spent lots of quality time with the aunts and uncles.

And it was so nice to be a complete family with our daddy without his doctor coat. Even if it was only for a week.

Tukk and Winn enjoyed the more laid-back attractions. The Jungle Cruise was right up their alley.

These two girls love their Grandpa Babe!

June said this was her giant poop face. If you know June, you know that's a serious sword-pulling effort.

As always, if I wanted a picture with me in it, I had to hold the camera out front and smile. Always such a flattering angle.

Winn waited all day to ride Dumbo. He never disappoints.

June thought she could hack it in the big kid tea cup this year. There came a point where she was so close to vomiting, she threw her body over the wheel to stop Daddy from his incessant spinning.

We did run into two of the seven dwarfs.

And a wookie.

Day 3: California Adventure

Lots of fun in the sun . . .

Lots of cousin time, lots of cotton candy . . .

Lots of churros (Cole).

Klive kept right up with the crew. Seriously, he was the best baby to take to Disneyland. Never fussed a bit. I think he was just thrilled to be out of the house and enjoy the sunshine.

June earned an ice cream sandwich because she risked life and limb to ride California Screamin'. She was terrified, but knew she would regret it if she didn't. I was sick to my stomach waiting for her to spring off, but she was so tiny, I couldn't even see her in the car. When she got off the ride she was as pale as a ghost and didn't speak for 5 minutes. The ice cream must have brought the color and smile back to her cheeks.

Klive and Daddy rode Toy Story together. Kolby put him in is own seat so he could aniahilate him at the video games. Thanks Dad.


Winn did the Ariel Carousel 5 times.

Klive recharged his Disney battery with a giant coke. Thanks Cole for introducing him to caffeine.

Looks like he may have overloaded in the soda department.

Day 4: Pool Day! We rented a house this time around and we will never go back to hotels. The kids had so much room to romp around. They had their own pool and hot tub, Disney-themed rooms and a giant play room with toys. I don't think we even saw a kid when we were at the house. Good thing, because a full week of cotton candy-crazed kids packed in a hotel room can often lead to murder.

Pool day was a nice recovery.

We haven't seen the sun for months!

Yep, that's a maxed-out hot tub in 85 degree weather. So what?

Last but not least, June celebrated her birthday pirate style. We tried in vain to start the party on the first Disney night, but June fell asleep in her taco plate. She woke up for a whole 30 seconds to smile for this cupcake shot.

We tried again on our last vacation night and it went a bit better.

Arrrgh Matey! Watch out for Snaggle-toothed Tukker and his scurvy mates.

The hunt for buried treasure was on.

Don't cross pirate Dad, he'll make ye walk the plank.

A pirate's life for me!

Ahoy! One-Eyed Winnie. She's got a sword and she knows how to use it.

And Captain Caulder was a really bad egg.

Argh, but they're loved by their mommies and dads, drink up me hardies yo-ho!
Thanks Johnson Family for the memories. Same time next year?