Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays 2011

Wow, the holidays came and went like a flash! Here's a recap of the highlights of our Johnson Holiday Fest 2011. We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma Ivie's house. Sadly, Kolby had to spend his Thanksgiving at the hospital. Guess that comes with the territory of first year residency. We missed him like crazy.
Watching my kids with their Ivie cousins brought back so many memories of my time spent at Grandma and Grandad's at Timmerman Hill. The house has the same smell, and it just invites a good game of hide and seek.

We enjoyed an awesome turkey dinner, and kids took full advantage of the snowy hill out front. Klive found a secret cabinet full of tins and spent his thanksgiving holiday unloading and re-loading his treasures. The kids also loved spending some one-on-one time with Grandma. And June never minded that Grandma called her "Jessie" the whole time.

We returned home to a house covered in Christmas lights, thanks to a great Daddy, and Christmas was on!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel giddy when I pull out the Christmas decorations, the winter-smelling hand soaps, and the cocoa-motion. The preparation for the big day is half the fun!

There are no flies on these kids - they had their letters ready for Santa in mid October. We took some candid shots of the kids in front of the tree for the annual Christmas cards. I am shocked that so many of them turned out so beautifully.

Winnie kept asking, "Are my eyes too wide?" She never takes a bad picture.

Klive was just thrilled to get to hold a candy cane ornament he swiped from the tree.

Seriously, who ever gets all their kids to not only look at their camera at the same time, but also smile? A Christmas miracle.

You want a Christmas card? Here's your Christmas card!

We've already had our fair share of snow at our new home in Idaho. This dump was just perfect for rolling out a sweet looking snowman. The girls named him "Frosting the Snowman." He was a happy, jolly soul - until Tooder started using him for a daily tinkle post.

We headed to Utah for Kolby's week-long vacation and enjoyed some ginger-bread house construction at the annual Johnson family Christmas party.

This cute couple made an awesome "House of the Lord" gingerbread creation. It was one holy sugar mound.

Aunt Misty threw down the gauntlet for candy working skills, so Kolby hit her with the Weasley's candy-covered home. He was in charge of the sound construction, and I was in charge of the gummy sweaters - one for each Weasley kid and Harry- complete with frosted initials.

Yep, it turned out pretty delicious.

June did a little crepe-making with Aunt Darby.

And we spent a fun family afternoon at Jumping Jacks. It was a school day, so we had the whole place to ourselves! Awesome!

Klive did every slide - he even took a major tumble down the giant one. He was all smiles!

Dad never thought June would take his advice to back flip out of the bouncy slide. She gave it a try and it didn't go as planned. Bummer. Mom thought a picture would cure a wounded and upset June, but she didn't even crack a smile.
Overall, it was a much needed family vacation. Kolby got his tacos at Mi Rancherito, The kids got some good cousin time and we got to see the lights at Salem Pond with the bonus of a car submerged in the pond. I guess they were too focused on the Christmas decorations and didn't notice they were off-roading it.

We spent Christmas at home this year. It was a white Christmas, too. The girls helped Dad build a snow volcano in the back yard. And couldn't fight the urge to smash it to the ground the next day.

Here's the fam on Christmas eve. We did some neighborhood treat deliveries, then we enjoyed a lovely halibut dinner with a few swigs of "root deer." We put it to bed at 9:00 and waited for Santa to work his magic.

The kids were up well before the sun on Christmas morning. They got right down to business.

Thanks Santa, for the sleep mask. Now maybe I won't sleep with my eyes open.

Thank you Santa for the manly knight dress-ups. Now I won't have to be a princess when I play with my sisters.

Thanks a pant-load for the peppermint flavored marshmallows. Let's bust this bag open!

Wow, a big boy bike! Just what I asked for!

Watch out for this up-and-coming rock star!

Santa remembered everything! Even the Barbie Musketeers movie. It's a shame he had to rush out on Christmas Eve and hunt it down in the crazy-filled isles of Walmart.

Now he's ready to cruise the neighborhood and look for hot chicks.

Dr. Dreadful's candy lab was so delightful! Nothing like eating zombie brains and drinking monster snot on Christmas.

How did you know! It's just what I wanted!

Best day ever!!!

Oh what fun!

We had some special visitors for Christmas dinner. They brought more cool stuff. Spoiled kids for sure.

Thanks U.B. and Karen for the cool toys. We can't stop playing with them!

This boy made Nana Betty his new best friend. He held her hand and walked her around the house.

After a hearty meal of chicken soup over mashed potatoes, hot rolls, rainbow layered jell-o, and peppermint brownies with homemade ice cream and hot fudge, we had to say good-bye.

I'm pretty sure there was some bulging bellies on their way home.

Thanks for coming to visit!

We started round 2 of presents at about 6:00 p.m. You need two rounds when you have so many generous grandparents.

A little snuggle time.

It was right out of "A Christmas Story" Nothing could come between Kilve and his Red Ryder.

We couldn't decide which hat was better - Kilve's head-eating monster or . . .

Dad's beanie with a beard. And who couldn't use a 10-pound reese's peanut butter cup? Merry Christmas to all. Hope it was as fun and magical for you as it was for us!