Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Time!

The weather's changing, the leaves are falling, and the kids are back in school full swing.  In September, our little aspiring artist Junie won an art contest and her prize was a staring role in a community production of Stone Soup.  Strange award - I know, but she loved it.  The play was part of a community fundraiser for SEICAA and June was so excited to help serve those who don't have as much as she has.

She got a medal and everything!  We also got to sample soups from different businesses in the area.  I am still dreaming about that bacon, potato and cheese soup from Texas Roadhouse! 

Then on to October and costume time!  This year, our family went with a Muppets theme for Halloween.  We are so lucky to have a Nana Deb who possesses the vision to turn felt, feathers and foam into these masterpieces.
 We really miss our Oklahoma friends, and especially the Halloween party they throw every year - so this year we decided to have a backyard Halloween carnival for the residency families.  We planned for weeks and probably spent a small fortune at the dollar store.  We had games, prizes, decorations and treats all ready to go.

 Wouldn't you know it, we got a snow storm the night before the party and had to move the whole thing inside.  Luckily, Kolby was post-call that day, so he transformed our toy room into a haunted house.  It may have been a little more cramped, but I'm pretty sure the kids thought it was spooktacular! 

 I just have to include these Despicable Me costumes created by our friend Jessica (Vector).  She is one talented seamstress.  That's the cutest minion I've ever seen!

We finally got around to carving our pumpkins on all hallows eve.
 Am I a good photographer or what?  Looks like Kolby's sawing June's head off.  We know how to scare the neighbors! 

 Winn went with a black widow.

 June did the Headless Horseman - although she wanted to do the Horseless Headsman.

 You probably can't tell, but I don't think Kolby had slept for about 48 hours when we carved these babies.  He's that good of a dad.

 Toods loves to be a part of the action.  He sits right on our feet whenever we stand still for too long.

 I helped Klive with his pumpkin on Halloween morning.  He was adamant that we carve Hulk Smash into his pumpkin.  Evil K loves to smash!

 Here's June's all lit up.

 Winnie's spooky masterpiece.

 The girls couldn't wait to wear their costumes to their school parade and parties.  The whole community shows up to watch the kids march in their costumes.  I'm so glad they still do this, because It was my favorite school day when I was a kid.  No costume weapons are allowed, but Mrs. Kent thought Animal could get away with wearing her chains and carrying some glowing drum sticks.

 Klive was in heaven when he rolled into elementary school dressed as Kermit.  The girls and ladies were showering him with cuteness compliments and he was eating it up.  He loves the ladies, you know.

 This was Miss Piggy's first school Halloween party and she was stoked.  I got to help out with her class party and now I know I should have dressed her as a social butterfly.  She's no shy little bug like Junie.  Heaven help her teacher.

We took lazy man's route and hit the park for 20 minutes of trunk-or-treating.  Klive turned into a trick-or-treating maniac when he learned how easy it was to score candy from strangers.  When we got home, he giggled and squealed with glee as he carefully sorted his candy treasures.  He even gave his sugar loot a nice tight squeeze before he went to bed, where visions of sugar babies danced in his head!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Here's the latest shots of our Johnson crew.  We figured it was about time we got some new ones because Klive wasn't even in the mix in our last family pictures.  Our friend Kristine Fenstermaker is new to the photography scene, so we helped her get some more practice.  I think she did a great job!  Enjoy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Winnie's Day at the Spa

Winnie turned 6 on Saturday.  She said farewell to the juvenile parties of the past and went with a more mature theme for a young lady - a spa!

She was thrilled that she got to invite all her best girl friends from the residency and from primary.  They were such a lovely group of young ladies!  I was a bit worried about pulling out the make-up, nail polish and facials for 6-year-olds, but they were so well-behaved - I didn't even have to worry about pink soda being spilled on my carpet!

 We kicked things off with a chocolate facial.  They dove right in!

 It may have been a bit too yucky for a few guests . . .

 But others couldn't get enough of the sweet concoction.  They even said it tasted marvelous and made their skin feel soft and smooth.  As if a 6-year-old has to worry about such things.

Yaya and Grandma Sara came to the party too.  Little did they know I was going to employ them as beauticians at the spa.  Yaya ran the nail station, Kolby did the temporary tattoos, I did the make-up, and Grandma Sara was in charge of hair accessories. 

 Hmmmm.  So many colors to choose.
Getting beautified!
These are the cute flower hair barrettes we made.  We've been known to get crafty.

I should have known better than to put Kolby in charge of tattoos.  He couldn't help but go nuts with them.  He's currently sporting his own precious tattoo.  Good thing he's not wearing short sleeve scrubs today!
And somehow, Klive ended up in full make-up with a princess tattoo across his chest.  He's going to want to kill us when he gets older, but I think he had more fun than anyone.

Here's the ladies all made up.  All of that primping can work up an appetite.  Winnie always reminds us that because she was born exactly at noon, she's ALWAYS hungry.

We enjoyed a spa snack or two.  Or ten - who's counting.  I tried to include all of Winnie's spa favorites, including flowery jam sandwiches, strawberry pop, a delectable fruit tray, edible nail polish bottles . . .

 . . . and some yummy spa treatments.

 It was sugar overload.  Winnie was in Heaven!

 Why not go back for seconds.  Or thirds.

 I can see a sugar crash coming on!

 Look who we caught with her hand in the cotton candy!  Yaya could live off the fluffy stuff!

And, last but not least, we made our own a glamour shot station.  Nana Deb, true to form, whipped up some ultra fancy princess props for our photo shoot.  The girls got to pose as . . .
 Merida from Brave . . .
 Rapunzel from Tangled . . .
 And Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.  I'd better get a move on and print off all the pictures to pass out to the girls.  They turned out princess perfect!

 She wrapped things up with cupcakes and presents.  Thanks buddies for all the great new stuff!
It sure was a great party, and we couldn't have thrown it for a sweeter girl.  Winnie is our ray of sunshine.  She is my biggest helper and always watches out for her brother and sister.  She's got a kind, generous heart and an enormous imagination.  She's girly to the max.  With a list a mile long of things she will never do (i.e. spend time alone in the basement, or swim in "Wahihee" . . .) she's usually demure and timid, but she sometimes surprises us with her usually suppressed adventurous spirit.  She's totally awesome, and her hysterical sense of humor is just a bonus to the awesomeness.  We love you so much Winnie!  Enjoy being 6!

P.S. . .
Here's Winnie's first official school party cupcakes - She went with birthday hippos yet again.  Mrs. Westwood and the class celebrated on Monday and she even got to wear an enormous birthday crown.
She's been longing for this day since June took her horse cupcakes to her kindergarten class almost 3 years ago.  It was so worth the wait!