Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monthly Update

Is it me, or are these kids just growing up too fast?

Well, it's the end of February and this boy is just about on the move. He likes to get up on his hands and knees and scoot across the floor on his face. Not the easiest way to get around, but it works for him.

This girl and this boy spend a lot of time playing together while big sister is at school. Winn has mastered the art of waving a toy in front of Klive while she keeps an eye on her cartoons. Such multi-tasking!

These kids have been thoroughly enjoying the freak snow storms that hit Oklahoma this month. June even learned to snowboard on our backyard hill! 8 snow days out of school seems awesome until they tell you that you have to add on 40 extra minutes a day for the rest of the school year to make up the time. BOOOO!!!

Winn found a new way to get her veggies - from this awesomely delicious green drink.

And Klive found his new true love - The Little Mermaid. He spends several hours every day sucking on her face and I once caught him with a purple seashell in his mouth. That Ariel, she's so trampy!

And all of these kids had blast when Yaya and The Babe came for a visit. They brought us a car in exchange for letting them entertain our children and enjoy our 80 degree weather.

Oh, and I turned 30. I'd post a picture to mark the occasion, but the only recent one I could find was my "before" shot for starting p90x and that's one for the incinerator. I am working on being 30, flirty and thriving - just like in the movie. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Funny Girl

Winnie is so awesome. Seriously, she is. I'll tell you why. She's hilarious, just like her Daddy. I wish I wasn't such a slacker and wrote down all the funny things she says every day, but I figure if I get a couple of them down, that's pretty good for me. Here's a sample of her skills:

Winnie: "Mom, did you know that Klive was born in Fargus?"
Mom: "What? No, Klive was born in Oklahoma."
Winnie: "No Mom, he was born in Fargus - you know, June, July and Fargus?"

It gets better. Yesterday, I was killing myself to get through a p90x workout. Winn really wanted to watch cartoons, so she decided to sit on the couch with the egg timer and give me a count down. Well, the big workout was winding down, and Klive was starting to fuss. She headed over to console him and said, "It's okay buddy, mom's almost done." Unfortunately, I had to break the bad news to her: "I've still got 15 minutes to work on my abs, Winn."
Well, then Klive really cut loose. Winn, being the sweet big sister that she is, took care of things: "Hang on little buddy, Mom's gotta work on her ass."

Sadly, so true.