Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been a real slacker this past month when it comes to blogging. I think I may be suffering from a mild depression due to the onset of Idaho's cold weather. What can I say, it's not fair that my buddies in Oklahoma are enjoying fun in the sun, clad in flip-flops and shorts, while I brace for blizzards. Therefore, the month of October will be rolled into one gigantic post. Enjoy.

June got her first report card early in the month. She did spectacularly well. Not a single negative mark or comment, and her grades were top notch. She's even reading at a 4th grade level, that's not too shabby for a second grader! We took her to Yo Crazy to celebrate.

This shot's from red ribbon week. It was crazy hair day, so we added a few wild extensions. June is having a ball in Mrs. Meline's class. She LOVES her new school and has made the transition beautifully. Hallelujah!

We've been spending the past few months trying to unpack and get our new place organized. Klive, always mom's big helper, made sure these drawers were cleaned out and ready to be filled with toys.

We had some special visitors in October. Nana and Papa flew in from Oklahoma to winterize their Malad house and stayed a few extra days to fill their grand-kid canteen. Klive remembered Nana the minute he saw her. He knows where to go to get spoiled. He didn't let her put him down the whole time.

Papa broke out the mandolin, and Klive warmed right up to him too.

We also had the added bonus of Audra, Nana, Grampy, U.B., Karen and Bek for the visit. Talk about a spoil-fest!

We headed down to Utah for Kolby's week-long vacation. Klive found Caulder's toy gun at Yaya's house and realized that barbies and dress-ups were for sissies - real men play with weapons.

We spent an afternoon at the corn maze with the fam. We went in with a false sense of navigation superiority (after all, we had a pilot with us) but it still took us a while to get out.

Things looked bleak for June, but Aunt Misty didn't mind getting lost.

These children of the corn tried to cut their own path. Winnie took a bathroom break in the tall corn. She simply couldn't hold it.

Klive wasn't worried a bit. He could see the exit from his dad's shoulders the entire time. His corn whip kept his ride moving.

Newly Weds. Enough said.

In the end, we made it back to Yaya and the Babe's. Cousin time rules!

Now on to a holiday that brought a smile to this boy's face: Halloween. Nana Deb outdid herself this year with our amazing costumes - We morphed into the Addams Family!

Wednesday Addams

Gomez Addams

Cousin It

Morticia Addams

And Pugsley Addams

Du-du-du-du, snap, snap! We won the grand prize in the costume contest at the zoo. It felt awesome!

Klive enjoyed the fruit of his trick-or-treating labors with The Thing in his high-chair. Nothing better than begging for candy with a face as cute as this one.

We did some pumpkin carving. These bad boys even got fangs.

Dad put his surgery skills to good use and helped June carve a masterpiece.

June did all the dirty work.

A jack-o-lantern with a skull. We found the idea on pinterest.

June performed in the second grade fall concert (she's the middle, front row chick in yellow). Her festive singing about fall foliage, delicious apples, Halloween spooks, and strolls down an autumn avenue was sweet and soulful. Klive totally dug it and danced through the whole thing.

Now for a Klive update. This kid just took off this month. He started walking on the 12th. I was sitting in the kitchen with Winnie carving pumpkins and he just cruised by with his big yellow bat in hand. I guess he had something he need to bust open and crawling just wouldn't get him there in time.

This is Kilve's dancing face. He is a dancing fool and I'm pretty certain he has perfect pitch. He already hits noted that he hears the girls singing. My little musical man!

He got his first tooth on the 23rd. It's a bottom side one - strange. He uses it to chew everything!

He is best pals with Tooder. With two sisters, he just needed another dude around to confide in.

These are his favorite toys - swimming rings and a yellow baseball bat.

He's also started saying a few things. He says, "Dada, Mama, Nana, Yaya, up, and uh-oh." He throws his hands in the air and says "Ta-Da," when he's excited. He growls like a bear, and he has mastered the signs for "eat, drink, more, done, and wash my face."
We are discovering that, although he's a bit of a late bloomer, he's pretty smart. The other day I told the girls to get dressed if they wanted to go to the store with their dad. Klive went into his room and got his pants, shirt and tennis shoes out of his drawers and brought them to me. I guess he wanted to go.
Smart, yes, but still disgusting. What do I have to do to get this kid to quit eating out of the trash?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Scooby Doo Birthday Mystery . . .

Warning: You may suffer from spookiness-overload if you read this post. But it's totally worth it!

Party number two, you ask? Why yes. Winn is a very special girl who totally deserved two birthday parties this year. And this Scooby Doo bash put our glut-fest to shame.

Last weekend, Mystery Inc. reunited to solve a very serious, mysterious disappearance: The Case of the Birthday Phantom and the Missing Party Favors. These two lovely ladies, "Delma" and Daphne sprang into action the minute they smelled foul play.

Who could believe it? While grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends showed up to help Winnie celebrate the big 5, that rotten Birthday Phantom breezed in and grabbed the kids' goody-bags!

Lucky thing we had Scooby Doo to sniff out some clues! And it was also fortunate that Tukk and Klive, although 2 years apart, wear the same size costume!

Sleuths get hungry, you know. Good thing we stocked up on monster munchies packed full of energy. And sugar. And nitrates.

Everyone pitched in to help solve the mystery. Auntie Rylee was the designated clue reader in the gang's hunt for justice.

And Aunt Misty, (AKA Fred) made one heck of a phantom hunter.

The gang tracked down a few haunted-household clues that led them to the treacherous toilet and instructed them to decode a backwards message in the mystery mirror.

While mixing some witches' brew, Daddy spotted some suspicious footprints that lead outback. The gang set off for Johnson's Haunted Wood.

Wouldn't you know it, Scooby got scared and took off. The only way to earn his cooperation was to toss a few Scooby snacks into his gaping mouth. Rum-Rum!!! Once Scooby came on-board, the crew popped a few balloon ghosts to get some answers out of them. Literally.

Thanks to his sweet walking skillz, clumsy Freddy accidentally knocked over a skeleton. In order to locate the next clue, the gang had to put it back together.

Delma's no slouch when it comes to anatomically-correct skeleton construction.

Too bad she got spooked and dropped her glasses right in the slimy swamp.

Daphne dug through the bubbles, fog and creepy-crawlies and fished them out for her . . .

And Caulder, I mean Shaggy, read the next clue.

A creepy mummy kidnapped Daphne, the damsel always in distress. Lucky we had brave young master Dawson . . .

He volunteered to be wrapped like a mummy and dove into the tomb to rescue the fair maiden - and the next clue.

The sleuths had to eat their way to the next clue - hanging donuts of death.

Eating junk food - now that's a Scooby and Shaggy specialty!

Daphne proved she could hold her own when it came to devouring donuts for a good cause.

Delma must have been serious about eating her fair share, because she had to take her wig off to get down to business. Daddy made a good wig rack.

Next, Mystery Inc. had to crawl through the spooky, spider-infested web warehouse to unravel a hidden clue.

Delma could have easily gotten wound up in the massive web and eaten by a giant spider if it wasn't for her fearless friends.

Finally, the Scooby Doo crew showed off their very best zombie dance moves in a rousing game of musical tomb stones. The winners (Dawson and Delma) cracked the case wide open when they uncovered phantom tracks leading directly into the garage.

They bolted after the thief, ripped off his mask and discovered the phantom to be . . .


Awww, man! Caught red-handed! And he would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids and their stinky dog, too!

Amid all the commotion, mom had to solve her own mystery. The Case of the Disappearing Baby. She promptly found Klive all wrapped up in the haunted house.

So in the end, Mystery Inc. saved the day, recovered the stolen party packs, and feasted on some gourmet Scooby snack cupcakes.

Delma let Winnie have the rest of the day off so she could open her presents, play with her cousins, and spend a little quality time with Uncle Andrew.

She got lots of cool stuff . . .

And said it was the BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!