Monday, November 15, 2010

Klive's Blessing Day

We finally got around to blessing Klive this month. It's a good thing Kolby was home this fast-Sunday, because I'm pretty sure chunky here would have outgrown his blessing sweater by December.

This sweater and booties are very special to me. They were made by my great grandmother, Nana Louise. She made some precious stuff, including several more sweaters, booties, hats and even Winnie's coveted owl blanket. I love seeing the kids use these family heirlooms. It takes me right back to Nana's little apartment where we played concentration, ate fruit-filled cookies and drank mini-glasses of Pepsi.

I had my mom take a quick picture of our fam at church (not sure why Kolby decided to squat down for it). Kolby gave Klive a sweet blessing with the help of Papa Lee, Uncle Curt and "Uncle" Spencer. A nice gal in our ward even transcribed it for me, so I can share some of it with our family back home and save it for posterity:

We would like to bless you that you will continue to grow and develop normally. We bless you to be a great joy to your family.

We bless you to surround yourself with good friends and that your testimony will grow and develop as you grow older; that when the time is right you will go to the temple and serve an honorable mission.

We bless you to always be a force for good in the world.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween in Wonderland . . .

I may be biased, but I think my kids' costumes put all others to shame this year. We've had some good ones in the past - who could forget Winn and June as the courageous duo of Sloth and Chunk from the Goonies. And our Scooby Doo crew last year was pretty sweet. But our adventure in Wonderland this year was by far our best work.

June made a lovely Alice, complete with ultra-goldy locks. She even wore black light-up heals to keep us trick-or-treaters safe from the crazy Halloween motorists on sugar-highs.

Winn was on the top of her game, strutting her stuff as the ultra-villainous Red Queen. She rocked that giant red hair poof better than Snooki.

Here she is ready to do some head chopping.

Klive definitely won for the precious factor in his White Rabbit sleep-sack. Ironically, sewing those ears on almost made us late for the very important date!

Mom went as the Cheshire cat, but her costume failed in comparison to the kiddos. I think I just ended up looking like I was suffering from a cold and tried to remedy it with powdered donuts. Also, I forgot about the fluffy tail I was wearing and gave myself a heart-attack when I reached back to tuck in my shirt. There's nothing like being attacked from behind by a furry creature on Halloween. It was definitely a trick, not a treat.

The kids had a ball at Aunt Becky's, as usual. She is the best! Her house is a Halloween masterpiece, she feeds us like kings, and she lets us trick-or-treat in her ritzy neighborhood. Definitely better candy out there!

And the icing on the cake after the long neighborhood raid was Ella's baby goats. The kids were in heaven giving loves to these little guys.

Too bad it wasn't a pig. You know the Red Queen loves a warm pig belly for her aching feet. Happy Halloween 2010!