Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Summer!!!

This girl is happy. For the past 10 months, we have passed by the community pool on our way to drop June off for school. And every, I mean EVERY day, she has sweetly asked me, "Mom, someday, can we go to that pool???"

Pelican Bay opens this weekend!!!! And even though Winnie can't be exposed to much sun this summer due to her kidney medication, I think we will finally be able to make her swimming dreams come true!

This girl is also happy! She graduated from Kindergarten today!!! And I might add, she had a PERFECT report card. It has been an awesome school year and June has really blossomed. She has loved her teacher, Mrs. McDonald, and so she wanted to take this special picture to remind her of the best first year of school ever!

This girl (the one packing the big boy) is putting on a happy face despite her true feelings. I know at some point I told Kolby I would NEVER have another summer pregnancy. I don't know what happened. Here we are at day one of our summer vacation, and I am so hot, I could set this chair on fire!

But you know what I do love? This little Winn. She is so loving to her baby brother, and he's not even out yet. Every time I come into the room, she runs up and gives my belly a kiss, or a little rub, and she whispers through my belly button to Klive and tells him all kinds of secrets. The cool thing is that Klive totally loves Winnie the best. He knows her voice and goes crazy in my guts when he hears her. I think they have a very special bond.

Let's hope Klive is a fan of cool swimming pools, because that's where we are going to be every day from here on out!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Waiting for the Tooth Fairy!

In a world where every other kindergartner enjoyed mouth full of gaping holes and pockets bursting with change, June Johnson, with her grin full of baby pearly whites, was a complete social outcast. But everything changed one bright sunny day in May!

As she lounged lazily on a Sunday afternoon, she was inspired by Dad's latest movie rental, The Tooth Fairy. So she mustered up the necessary bravery, tied on the dental floss and went to work. Just a little tug here, and a yank there, and voala! The tooth popped right out!

It feels so good to be back in the in-crowd! Let's hope the tooth fairy got some cash back at the grocery store yesterday so she doesn't have shop on Sunday to make this little girl's wildest dreams come true!