Friday, April 30, 2010

9 Year Anniversary

Kolby and I enjoyed our 9-year wedding anniversary this week. We celebrated on the weekend in the typical manner, dinner and a movie with some friends to mark the occasion. Then we got the girls in on the action and had a pizza picnic at the park and flew kites. I know, super romantic. And this year, Kolby decided to give me the gift that keeps on giving - a nasty chest cold. He was extremely apologetic.
So as I've been spending my days laying on the couch coughing myself into the loss of bladder control, I've been thinking about how much we've gotten done together over the past 9 years:

Finishing school, serving at church, sponging off of relatives to keep us out of debt, sprouting children and trying not to screw them up too badly, moving away, buying a house, hanging on for dear life in med school, living off of loans, gaining weight, loosing hair and growing up. It's a good thing we are best friends, because life sure works you over. And the one thing that keeps me going every day is the tingle I still get in the pit of my currently enormous gut when I hear the front door open at the end of the day. In the words of Sachko, our Japanese friend, it's true love shicks.

Happy 9 years Kolby, June, Winnie and Klive!!! Let's keep up the good work!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The big yellow bus

June had her very first school field trip on Thursday. And I, being possessed by a case of my normal motherhood paranoia, had to tag along. The big event was an educational country-western concert put on by a dude named Stephen Fite, followed by lunch at the park.
And the kindergartners were all too happy to dress up for the occasion.

I have to send a special thank you to Hailey's mom, Carla, for taking all of these wonderful pictures. In my defense, I did remember my camera. I just forgot to charge the battery before I left home. Carla saved the day!

Here's June and Hailey. BFF's.

Hailey, Thomas and June. This posse is all about play-dates after the long, hard, two-and a half hours they spend with their noses in the books at kindergarten.

When I was a little tyke, my favorite part of field trips was the special lunch my mom always packed for me. Field trip food was always processed, packed with sugar, and put together with extra love.
June, on the other hand, could not get over how cool it was to ride on the big yellow bus. She counted down the days until her first big ride, and then enjoyed every second of the bumpy, seat belt-free crawl to the concert.
The smell of rubber seats combined with the lack of windshield visuals brought that nostalgic, queasy feeling back in a hurry. The school bus is definitely not designed for fat, pregnant ladies.

The concert was a rootin' tootin' good time. Mr. Fite sang a song about beavers and counting that had us all rolling on the floor. We quickly worked up an appetite with all of our dancing, hootin' and hollerin'.

I'm swallowing my pride here to include this picture of June and Me. What can I say, pregnancy is never kind. But June was sure cute, and I want to remember our very special trip together.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

It's a good thing the girls got their room cleaned by Saturday night, because the bunny almost had to pass right by this house. The girls and I had a fun Easter morning - Daddy was on call at the children's hospital so we hurried and ate all the good treats before he got home.

I guess the bunny found out how much June and Winnie loved the new movie, How to Train Your Dragon, because he hooked them up with dragon capes and giant eggs that hatched baby dragons in warm water.

Aunt Becky invited us to the annual Easter brunch, and it was scrumptious. So began the over- indulgence for the day. I think I set a new record for number french-toasts consumed in under 10 minutes. I'm blaming this baby boy. He has turned into the biggest eater. Is that a boy thing? Because I have never been this hungry in my life!

The girls got to hunt eggs with all the cousins. And the treats just kept on coming.
I waited until the last minute to hunt for cute Easter dresses and missed all the good ones. So we went with plan B. The girls wore these cute, frilly shirts and their new matching church sandals. It is blowing my mind this year that my girls are practically wearing the same size. Even in shoes! June is in an 11 and Winn is right behind her in a 10. In a way, it is driving me crazy that Winn won't get the hand-me-downs anymore, but I've decided to just buy 1 wardrobe from now on and they can trade back and forth.

Following the fun festivities, we hurried home to start Easter dinner. You know, because we hadn't stuffed our faces in over an hour. Plus, we had to get home to welcome Papa to Oklahoma. He finally made the long drive; the kids were waiting by the door.

Kolby made his famous brine turkey with all the delicious sides and we celebrated Thanksgiving-style.

I asked June to pitch in and make some stuffed celery. She seemed excited to do part of the cooking, but here's the face I got when I begged for a smile:

Only 6, and already rolling her eyes at chores. No wonder Winnie prayed all on her own for June to "lose the attitude."

Looks like the long drive and turkey dinner may have been too much for little Papa. He had to take a nap to recover. He's probably going to be needing a few more of these now that he's surrounded by busy grand kids with big plans for fun in the sun!