Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday . . . to June!

June's Alice in Wonderland tea party finally came to pass. I really wanted to make this a special birthday party for June. It's her first year in school so she was dying to invite her new friends over. Plus, I've struggled so much with morning sickness lately that June has had to take on many new jobs and really pull some weight around here. I wanted her to have a special day and show her how much her dad and I love and appreciate the good girl she is.

We had big plans to party outside on the back porch, but we should have known better. Oklahoma weather can never be trusted! So after a week of working like a dog and a morning filled with chaos trying to pull it all together, we celebrated high tea with the un-birthday girl inside.

Nana Deb and Audra painted all of these characters from the movie and shared them with us. Winnie had to have her picture taken with all of them!

June looked even more beautiful than the real Alice in her dainty costume. We got it on clearance after Halloween, so she's been waiting an awfully long time to try it out.

June has made some wonderful friends in her kindergarten class this year. I think they had a great time helping June celebrate turning 6.

Some snacks and decorations . . .

We enjoyed "lime sherbet tea," Eat/Drink me sweets to help us shrink and grow, and heart-shaped pizzas, thanks to Dad's sweet baking skills.

Leave it to Sofie to show up dressed as the Cheshire cat. This girl always knows how to party in style!

Hailey told me that she may be a little girl, but she had a big smile to share. June loves this gal.

We let the kids paint their own tea cups. Here they are hard at work.

Then we braved the ominous clouds for a bit to enjoy a golf game in the back yard. It was our version of Alice in Wonderland croquet.

We finished up with presents, singing and cake.

We sure love our June Bug. Happy birthday little lady! Can't believe you've been making us smile for 6 years!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing catch-up. Again.

The last few weeks have been jam-packed. I'm going to have to just do my best to play catch-up with this post.

We had a special visit from Nana and Papa at the end of February. In a surprising turn of events, my mom and dad have decided to move to Oklahoma. My dad took a job at an airport about 15 miles north of us, and will be starting in April. I'm still pretty shocked by this decision. I figured hell would have to freeze over before my dad ever returned to Oklahoma. His last experience here wasn't so swell - he came to move us out three years ago right in the middle of a heat wave and swore that he'd never come back. I guess the pull of the grand kids is just too strong.

It's a good thing Papa is on his way, because we need a bigger cheering section at the girls' soccer games. June's an old pro after playing last season, but Winn is new to the field. She's on a team with her cousin Amos and her best buddy Sofie. She had a bit of a rocky start in her first game . Things were going fine until she was sent to sub out. I guess she thought she was in trouble and getting kicked off the field. She came running over with tear-filled eyes and wouldn't dare return to the game.
Here's Winnie and Sofie all pumped to play

Kolby and I celebrated our birthdays. He's 33, and I'm now counting down my last year in my 20's. You won't find a picture of me on this blog because I'm turning into an oompa-looma with this pregnancy and am not crazy about documenting it. I'm waiting for that rare shot that captures me at just the right angle and doesn't make me look like a whale.

We also celebrated another special birthday this month. June turned 6! I don't know what it is about this birthday, but it really started to sink in that my baby is becoming a young lady, and it makes me ache.

We were lucky enough to celebrate with Grandma Sara, Grandpa Babe and Yaya Julie. They took us to June's new favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden, and then we got to enjoy the new Alice in Wonderland movie together. We sure wish they could visit every month.

As always, they spoiled us way too much while they were here.

June was also thrilled to bring her grandmas to her special celebrate at her kindergarten class. They sang a silly birthday song, and all of the kids added a picture to a little birthday book for June to take home. She also requested horse cupcakes, and so Yaya and I did our best to oblige. Why is it nothing ever turns out as awesome as it looks in the book? Oh well, the kids thought they were pretty sweet.

I sure do love this little lady. She does her best every day to be helpful to mom, she works so hard in school and is always well behaved, and she always sets lofty goals for herself and doesn't give up until she achieves them. I'm so proud to be her mom. I know she is going to do great things.
And June's birthday wish came true. She's having a little brother! I was certain it was going to be another girl, but June knew better. We are all so excited to finally get a boy in the mix. I just hope he doesn't mind all of the dress-ups, Barbies, and baby dolls that he's going to have to endure. Good luck little dude!