Friday, March 13, 2009

The Big 5!

I blinked my eyes and my baby is a big girl.  June is my first baby and, over the past five years, we have spent almost every moment by each others' side.

It breaks my heart to think that I have to send this little bug off to school this year, so for now, I just want to look back on her first five years of life and feel warm inside thinking of all the great times we have had together.

Dear Junie, 

For five years, we have learned to be a mother and a daughter together.  At times, we have had some showdowns.  I guess those stem from us being so alike and stubborn.  But there exists a love and friendship between us that can't be shaken.  You are my best friend.  Nothing thrills me more than watching you grow, discover, and enjoy the world around you.  I feel like you are so wise beyond your years and worry I will have to work very hard to keep up with you.  Your zest for life and thirst for knowledge inspires me and makes me want to enjoy every minute.  
No other girl could be a bigger help to her mom and for that I am grateful.  Even though I am terrified of giving you wings, I am so excited to watch you grow.  Just never forget where your nest is.  You will always be my best girl.

I love you,


Sunday, March 8, 2009


June made me promise I would post this picture on the blog.  She had to share her work of art entitled "Swinging with Friends."  From top left:  June, Caulder, and Winnie.  Bottom left:  Kazzy, Arlee, and Jordan.  Yeah, Caulder's quite the ladies man.
Here comes the angry bride.  This face pretty much sums up the week Winnie's been having.  I swear, she endured a week of a rotten cold, only to end up with a terrible stomach flu the very next week!  I'm sure you fellow moms know exactly where I'm coming from when I say that we have been sick at our house since January! 
Here's Kolby celebrating his 32nd birthday on Friday.  What could be more fun than blowing out candles while holding a bucket for your baby to spew into?  Happy birthday babe - we'll celebrate for real when everyone's healthy.  

Cousin Lyra celebrated her first birthday this week too.  I can't believe it!  Sadly, she was battling the very same stinking flu.  She was a trooper though, and ripped into every delightful, girly present.  We sure do love you little L.P. and we hope you get feeling well enough to enjoy your new loot!

Right now I'm crossing my fingers and toes, praying that the rest of us can avoid the plague for just one more day.  June is turning five tomorrow.  We've planned a wonderful day full of fun surprises and it will be totally awesome if we can spend the day partying and not with our heads (or bottoms) glued to the toilet.  We need all the luck we can get so cross your fingers too!