Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kolby's Medicine Ball

Last night we went to Kolby's med school ball - "Casino Royal."  I can't remember the last time Kolby and I got dressed up and enjoyed a fancy night out together.  To be honest, the school throws these events on a pretty frequent basis, but because we don't drink, we usually toss the flyers put on our sweats, and just stay home and play the "Ticket to Ride" instead.  I don't know what made us change our minds, but I'm really glad we did.  
I'm not going to lie, polishing up was an all-day affair filled with flash backs of high school prom preparations - you know, finding the right accessories, shoes, skin color, etc.  But in the end, the ball was a blast.  We danced, visited with friends, and (all in the name of charitable contributions) hit the blackjack, roulette and craps tables.  It was a much needed night of fun with my love Kolby.  Maybe now we won't be too scared or lazy to venture out to a few more of these parties.  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy birthday to me . . .

Well, it's official.  I'm 28 years old.  Just a hop, skip and jump from the big 3-0.  The only thing bringing me any sort of comfort is knowing that my Wii age is a youthful 21!  That's why Kolby was kind enough to use my Wii age in candles to decorate my red velvet cake.  Thanks buddy.

Apparently OU is not very considerate of birthdays when it comes to scheduling tests.  Kolby was testing his guts out all week and couldn't really celebrate with me.  So I forced my best friend Stephanie to be my date to dinner and a movie.  I still can't believe that Steph and I are lucky enough to live by each other here in Oklahoma.  I guess our friendship was just destined to be from the start.  Like peas and carrots!  I found this picture from high school the other day so I thought I'd toss it on the blog, since we were too busy partying on Wednesday night to take any pictures.  Thanks for being my BFF Steph!  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be Mine

I just have to say, we had the best valentines day this year.  It was a day filled with surprises of love, laughter and thoughtfulness.
Here's a couple of special valentines of mine.  I was enjoying a morning bath when I got a knock at the door (followed my many more impatient ones).  These two chickies and their dad surprised me with a valentines day treasure hunt.  I followed the path of hearts and found some special treats.  June is such a schemer - on Friday she told me that she and Kolby had to run to the store to pick up a card for Yaya Julie to thank her for these lovely valentine shirts.  Only five and already skilled at covering her tracks.  Kolby said she made the story up all on her own!

So the ladies (Tish, Amy, and Steph) and I have been planing this romantic valentine dinner for a couple of weeks.  I knew it would be beautiful because Amy and Tish are pros at decorating, but it was better than anything I could have imagined!  Amy turned her home into the most romantic destination we could have hoped for!
The rooms were filled with romantic music, glowing with soft candlelight and filled with beautiful flowers . . .

They were also decorated with pictures of each couple.  You know, back in the dating days when the ladies were super hot and the boys still had hair.

Because we always use each other for babysitters, we had no choice but to bring the kids along.  But we gated them off in the hallway, put them in their jammies, and let them have a movie slumber party.  Surprisingly, they were all pretty good.  Tish and Amy made these cute little party favors to reward the kids for their good behavior and even made a couple of romantic party favors for the adults too!  I won't get into details on those . . .
I can't get over this beautifully romantic table setting!  A restaurant could not have been any better.  Tish, Amy, and Steph made a beautiful and delicious meal - yummy fish with rice, the tastiest carrots I have ever had, heart-shaped rolls and chocolate-covered strawberries.

And for dessert I contributed some treat-loaded valentine cupcakes with frothy milk.  We spent the remainder of the night playing  romantic, spicy and of course, hilarious games.  Amy took some pictures of those, so I'll have to steel a couple from her when she puts them on her blog (as long as they aren't to racy :)

I have to say that I feel really blessed to have such great friends.  There is never a dull minute when we all get together and I love them all dearly. 
Curt, Tish (and Lyra)

Stephanie and Spencer

 Rob and Amy

And my true love shicks - Kolby.  It was love at first sight and it has only gotten better.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cousin Time!

It's so nice to grow up with cousins.  We're so lucky that Amos and Lyra live close enough to have a lot of play dates with us.
This crew knows how to have a good time!  Sure, they have their battles, but there is a lot of love here.  Yesterday, June and Amos were playing chase and I guess it got a little heated.  June took Amos by the shoulders and said, "Amos, chill off."  We adults weren't quite sure what "chill off" means, but Amos got it.  
This was supposed to be a picture marking a glorious new day for Winnie.  Big girl panties!  Sadly, our attempt was a flop.  It was a day plagued with accidents, tears spilt over a poopie Ariel, and loads of laundry.  I'm sorry, but training June was so awful, I don't know if I have it in me to start it all over again with Winnie right now.  Maybe when it warms up and she can just run around in panties.
On Saturday, we had a wonderful day at the park with the Ivies.  It was so warm and sunny, we packed a picnic and played all day!

June loves to mother all the children.  And although Lyra has a lot of spunk and a mind of her own, she doesn't mind playing the role of Mother June's baby doll.
This particular park, Mitch Park, has an awesome skate park that Amos insisted we check out.  We sat in the bleachers and witnessed some amazing tricks by the high school punks who were more than willing to show off!  The next time we go, however, I think we will have to bring earplugs.  Those high school punks and their potty mouths!  Curt was so funny, he made all the kids promise that they wouldn't start smoking or saying the F word if they wanted to come back.  

I think June just needs to say no to crack!

Curt is such a good uncle.  He helped June do a little boarding on the way back to the car.

We also had a great time at cousin Charlie's second birthday party.  Can you guess theme?  That's right partner, it was a cowboy party.  Here's Sheriff Winnie saying "Cheese," with a mouth full of it!

June and Kiki love to get together.  There's just something about playing with older kids that thrills the heck out of Junie.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Five posts rolled into one . . .

I have a confession to make.  I have become a bit addicted to Facebook.  Kolby warned me it would happen.  Consequently, my blog has suffered.  I'm sorry.  Hopefully, it is just a phase.  So, let's see if I can do at least a half-assed job of bringing you up to speed on our winter wanderings.
It's pretty sad when you have to schedule play dates for your dogs.  We kidnapped Tooder's sister Posey for a week and, as we hoped,  Tooder quit acting out (you know, digging holes, pooping everywhere, leaving a path of destruction in his wake).  Kids and dogs!

We also survived a mild ice storm.  Kolby's school was cancelled for two whole days!  Although we enjoyed the frosty house arrest, it just wasn't the same without Grandma Sara, Grandpa Kyle and a heated game of head and foot.
Snow is rare in these parts, so the girls made the most of it!  

It wasn't quite snow, it wasn't quite ice - it was "snice."

I think Uncle Curt got a little loopy from the freeze, and decided a Mohawk was a good look for him.  I'm not sure if Amos agreed.

The girls drove me nuts for days over these promised valentines presents from Nana Deb and Papa Lee!  I swear they would rip into a flaming sack of dog poo if it came in the mail.  Nothing thrills them like a visit from the mailman!

Winnie got a replacement pony (Let's just say there was a Christmas catastrophe, and Nana is a sap!)  The new pony, Scoot-a-loo, crawls like champ and Winnie insists we all give her kisses on the "yips."
It was Twister for June.  Mom did the spinning, June and Dad did the stretching, and Winnie did the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  If only she knew her colors, appendages, and left from right!  Serenity NOW!!!

I'm not sure what was going on in this shot.  I suppose Winnie is taking a virtual cruise on the Polar Express and Lyra wants on at the next stop.

Steph and Spencer promised the wide-screen, HD, Super Bowl-viewing experience of a lifetime.  Little did we know, we would get to enjoy the game in 3D!  

Yes, Stephanie and I were there too.

And let's not forget our valentine spirit.  We had a girls day in and got all beautified!  This is Winnie's first experience with polish, and she is hooked.  For two days now, she has followed me around the house with outstretched fingers crying, "Mom, fix it, it's chipped."  It must be the monster inside her nose that keeps eating the polish!  

There now, that wasn't so hard Jess.  See, blogging is fun!