Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Celebrating Easter

On Easter Sunday, the girls awoke to a cornucopia of delicious treats, compliments of Mr. Bunny himself!  The bunny giveth, Mom and Dad taketh away, until after church, of course!  What?  You think we're going to get our kids all "hopped" up on sugar and then subject them to three hours of quiet time?  No thank you!  Besides, June really did pay attention in primary and learned why we celebrate Easter.  It's the first time I think she really understood about our Savior's Resurrection.  I've never seen her be quite so reverent and listen so intently.   
Well, here we are in our Easter dresses all ready for church!  Somehow, we all ended up in purple so we figured we'd better take one of those poser, family-matching portraits.  Say Cheese!!! 

We spent the afternoon at Aunt Becky's Easter Celebration!  We ate way too much, but then got a little exercise while hunting high and low for eggs in the yard!  June and McKenzie were inseparable!  I think she's finally got a real friend!!!  It was a fun-filled day, but the sugar jitters that plagued bedtime were another story!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break!

Well, Kolby's week of freedom finally arrived!  No tests, no classes, no worries!!!  Just a long list of honey-do's and some good quality time with the family!  We are so proud of Kolby for how hard he works!  I had to include this shot because I just can't resist a man in a white lab coat!  Even though he's on break, he had to do an overnight shift at the hospital in OB on the weekend!  You know, deliver a baby or two! 

(p.s.  Okay, I was sort of joking when I said he would deliver a baby, but he actually got to help deliver a baby!  It was an intense delivery, too.  The doctor said it was way more stressful than he wanted to handle that night.  The baby's shoulders were too big (shoulder dystocia) and by the time they got the baby out, it wasn't breathing.  But they worked on the little guy and had him breathing in a few minutes!  The mom had some complications, too but everyone turned out okay.  Still, a bit scary for your first rotation in OB!  It's a good thing Kolby functions well under pressure!  I would have either passed out from all the blood or started crying with the worried mom!) 

I can't believe our week with Kolby is almost up!  To tell you the truth, we didn't do too much for spring break except play with the girls, get some things done around the house, and work in the yard.  But it was so nice to have him home and not off at school for a change!  We decided to visit the botanical gardens in Oklahoma City on Friday so we could say that we did something fun for spring break!  Well, it was no trip to the tropics, but this is as close as we could get!  It was nice just to be a family! 

This med school thing has been hard on June.  She misses her Daddy a lot!  So she hasn't left his side this week!  
Winnie loved looking at all the tropical plants and animals!  She was having a ball until we took her down in the elevator.  She hates elevators and let us know it for the rest of the day!

This garden is about three stories high and it really feels like you are in a tropical rain forest!  But as you climb, you move into the desert vegetation and Winnie really wanted to touch a cactus!  Because we are such great parents, we told her no!  Well, actually, June was the plant police!  If we even got close to a plant, she reminded us that touching was not an option!  Even when dad got his eye on a nice bunch of bananas!

This shot is from the third floor of the botanical gardens.  That's downtown Oklahoma City in the background.  You know, just some tourism info for those of you who haven't come to visit us yet (Uncle Kory)!

We also stopped by Outdoor World and found this totally cool shooting range for kids!  June and Daddy shot a skunk, a deer, and a jackrabbit - or as June called it, "Dad, shoot that Kangaroo!" (Don't worry all you bunny-huggers, it was just pretend!)

No trip to Outdoor World would be complete without a visit to the giant fish tank!  Okay, so it's no Sea World, but we did see a giant catfish and if we squinted, it looked a little like a shark!  Well, that about wraps up our adventures in the big city!  It was "The Johnsons' Gone Wild"  this spring break, baby! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm a Big Girl Now!

Extra, extra, read all about it!!! Winnie Juliet Johnson did her business on the potty seat!  That's right, she dropped the kids off at the pool!!!  We knew it was only a matter of time!  Winn has had a long time love affair with the potty!  In fact, her favorite pastime when someone forgets to shut the bathroom door is to wash her hands and face in the toilet!  What a sanitary activity!  Also, we aren't allowed to flush the toilet when we use it until Winnie runs in to wave and say "bye, bye" to the, um, departing sewage material.  So today when we saw her grunt and her face turn red we decided to give it a shot!  Success!!!  Plus, she was determined to wipe herself, which makes my job a great deal easier!  So, I guess it's time to let the potty training begin!  Heaven help us!  

I love Melinda!!!

Guess what?  Melinda, my sister from another, um, mister (the saying doesn't work so well for girls, just for future reference) dropped by to visit us this weekend.  She recently got a new job and just happened to come to Tulsa on business, so we picked her up, brought her home, and tortured her for three days!  No, just kidding, we had about as much fun as you can have in the thriving metropolis of Oklahoma City!  I feel like I never get a chance to see my pals from BYU and I don't think I've had such a good laugh reminiscing about our early, fun-filled, rebellious college years for a very long time!  Isn't it so great to have friends who you can go for years without seeing but when you do reunite, you feel like you just pick up where you left off?  Thanks Mel for hanging out with us and I don't think I will be able to look at Winnie's talking caterpillar quite the same from now on!!!  Ha, ha, ha, that tickles!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Superheroes Battle Mr. Freeze!!!!

June had her super hero birthday party this weekend!  We were prepared to fight the forces of evil, but we ended up fighting the wicked weather!  We celebrated at the park and just as the festivities began, the wind showed up!  Oh well, fingers were numb, teeth chattered but we still partied our super hero butts off! 

June decided to dress as the Thing!  She loved her muscle suit!  Her favorite part was that it gave her boobs!  What a girly super hero!

Kolby showed up just in time with hot pizza!  I think Winnie was so sad because she dropped her pizza and daddy wouldn't let her pick it up off the ground and eat it!  
June's super buddies had a lot of fun!  They got to decorate super capes with their super hero secret identities and then battled the evil black Spiderman pinata to rescue their super loot!  We had to move fast, though, I was afraid it was going to start snowing!

What great sports! Even some of Kolby's med school colleagues came to party!  Thanks Crazy Cat Lady, Blue Hawaii and The Alchemist!  June's sure glad she "vited" you guys!  

Third time's a charm!  The stinkin' wind blew out June's candle twice but she finally got to make a wish and blow!  I think she wished for feeling back in her fingers, honestly!

We stuffed the kidos in the car to wait for their parents while we cleaned up!  After a minute or two, Kolby looked over and saw the car rocking - five mini-supers were beating the crap out of the seats with their mondo muscles!  He thinks they were having a contest to see who was the toughest super hero!  Oh well, at least they were having a ball!  But we still can't find our garage door opener!  I hope it didn't go home in a loot bag!

All in all, it was a great day, despite the rotten wind!  Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate June's special day with us!  We thank you, The Thing thanks you, oh, and Winnie's bare bum thanks you.  I'm not sure how that ended up in this picture, but I'm sure Kolby (a.k.a The Joker) had something to do with it!  

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Baby is Finally Here!!!

Our precious little Wii is finally here!  After all those long months it finally arrived!!!  What?  

Oh you were expecting something else . . .  

Oh, all right, all right, here's the real prize!  Lyra Phyllis Ivie was born today!!! (Boy, I sure hope I spelled her middle name right!)  She was born at around 3:30 this afternoon and weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces!  Oh, and she is the prettiest thing you ever did see!!!

I don't think she even realized she was in a room filled with family.  She did have a big day and needed to catch a few winks!

Here's the proud papa!  Looks like she's already a Daddy's girl!

And don't forget about the mama, you know, the one who did all the work?  She's doing great!  Big Brother Amos is also looking pretty content by mom.  I guess he doesn't really know what the next chunk of life holds for him!  Say good-bye to being the baby, say hello to being a big boy!

Tish said she looks a lot like Amos when he was born but who could argue with that? only those Jappies know the truth!

Oh no, it's not over, she was so cute we had to take lots of pictures!

This is the first time June really understood what a new baby was and she was so excited waiting all day!  She even made me give her a bath and doll her up to go to the hospital.  She said Lyra was so beautiful!  Well you can't see Lyra much in this picture but Tish was looking so beautiful, I thought we should include this shot!

And, last but not least, here's Lyra cozying up to Grandmama Patty Cobb!  We're sure you'll agree that she's the prettiest baby in the world!